10 tips to increase trucker safety

segurança do caminhoneiro

Those who work on the road face many challenges every day. After all, most Brazilian highways have bad tracks and poor signage. In addition, several sections do not offer adequate rest areas for food and repose, and have a criminal history.

Therefore, many precautions are necessary to increase the driver’s safety in their professional routine. After all, they need to return home safely, avoiding dangerous situations, such as theft and accidents on the roads.

But do you know how to increase the trucker’s safety? In this article we bring 10 useful tips for those who spend most of their days in a truck cabin. Check out!

1. Define the itinerary

When leaving the carrier or company, choose the best itinerary and plan the entire route well. Make detailed route planning, choosing the fastest and safest route in advance. Also try to define the exact places where the stops will be made, whether to fuel, eat or sleep.

2. Check the vehicle

Before traveling, it is essential to check the headlights, suspension, tires, brakes, seat belt, mechanical and electrical parts.

3. Beware when sharing information

At food, fuel or rest stops, do not tell anyone about your load or your itinerary.

4. Cleanliness and organization contribute to the trucker safety

The truck cabin is where the trucker spends most of his time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it as clean and organized as possible, so that the comfort when driving and during rest periods be greater. For this, the daily cleaning of panels, benches, glasses and carpets is almost mandatory.

5. Guide with PRF stopping points

To help truckers find stopping points for food, hygiene and other services, the Highway Police has produced a guide with six thousand support points. The system displays establishments that continue to operate even during quarantine. Services such as workshops, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and lodging were listed by the campaign.

Also, sites like Google Maps and Maplink show everything from tolls, gas station and restaurant locations, to traffic and road conditions.

6. Be aware of where your vehicle will stop

If there is a problem with your truck, do your best to get to a gas station or to the Highway Police. Avoid to stop in deserted places.

It is also very important to always try to sleep in safe places, either in a gas station parking lot or near a highway policing station.

7. Ensure more trucker and safety vehicle by installing systems and maintaining the proper distance on the road

Avoid leaving the truck open or the key in the ignition. Also, do not leave documents or valuable objects exposed. Also, install an alarm and security system and make full insurance (theft, fire) for your truck.

It is also important to try to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. This behavior is important to avoid collisions in cases of unforeseen events that require a sudden reduction in the truck’s speed.

8. Pay attention to your health, it is very important to be safer on the road

So, take regular breaks to rest and eat healthy. Do not neglect the necessary sleep hours per day.

The legislation establishes that the trucker must not drive more than 5 hours and 30 minutes without a break. Try to take a 30-minute break in each period equal to or less than that recommended by law.

And of course, stay away from drugs (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc.). They harm your health and can cause serious accidents.

9. Make use of PPE

The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) is highly recommended. They help prevent accidents and increase driver safety, especially in emergency situations. Know more here.

10. Perform regular maintenance and use the right equipment

Remember to perform preventive maintenance on your truck regularly. The Detran advises that the vehicle main items verification must be done every 10,000 kilometers or every six months.

Proper load lashing and quality equipment is also very important to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

Robustec has a complete line of lashing load equipment  that offers everything you need to secure your load safely. It brings a wide options variety available, such as ratchets, clamps, turnbuckles and fastening terminals.

As we have seen, some basic precautions are essential to increase the trucker safety and ensure a successful and smooth trip.

Did you like this article? Do you want to know more about how to be safe while working on the road?  Check out this article on the importance of using PPE.

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