18 years of Robustec: a history of strength


September 19th, it’s a party day here at Robustec. We have completed 18 years of history, so we want to celebrate a little of our trajectory here in this article. Do you want to travel a little bit in time with us? Come:

How it all began?


In 2001, Robustec appeared, intending to offer high-quality solutions that would facilitate the work of our customers. At the beginning of everything, we focus on the manufacture of winches, hand winches, pulleys. But over time, we develop and grow. We conquered new markets in Brazil and abroad, which led us to capture the lead in the Poultry segment.

Robustec on 4 continents

Our factory is located in Vila Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, but our products are in the world. We currently operate in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We seek solutions that make a difference!


We always think about how our products can make a difference in the lives of our customers. Resistance, durability, functionality. These and other attributions are essential when we develop our lines. But there is a key piece that moves us further: you. You who are our customer, our representative, our collaborator, our reader. We exist because we have the participation of all of you who believe in our purpose.

As a result, we celebrated our 18th birthday together with you. And we want to write many more chapters in the future. Thank you!


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