3 axis semi-trailer Roll On truck: what are the equipment’s benefits?

The 3 axis semi-trailer truck with the Robustec Roll-On Roll-Off system is one of the most recommended solutions for those who want to make their work more agile, simple and viable.

It is a robust and very versatile solution for load transportation, capable of improving the use of the available fleet and significantly optimizing all logistics performance.

If you want to improve and facilitate your loads’ handling, see below what the equipment is and what it is for, what are its main features and most outstanding benefits.

What is the Robustec’s 3 axis semi-trailer truck and what is it for? 

Before knowing the exclusive features, benefits and differentials of the Robustec’s 3 axis semi-trailer truck, it is important to clarify what a Roll-On Roll-Off system is and what it is for.

The term refers to trailers with loads that enter and exit by their own means.

Basically, they are bodies transported by trucks and tractors, which use a chassis with wheels that carry out movements through its own hydraulic drive system.

With this equipment it is possible to have much more flexibility and ease in field operations, since it allows loading, tilting, coupling and uncoupling different material types with greater agility, safety and ease.

What are the Robustec’s 3 axis semi-trailer truck main features?

Now that you are familiar with the Roll-On Roll-Off Trailer, check out the model features offered by Robustec and how they differ from other options on the market:


The manufacture is made of 100% welded steel beams, assembled with templates that provide greater precision to the measurements and quality in the production. The resistance is guaranteed by the superior 19 mm thickness, which prevents crushing and deformation of the chassis.

Support reel

To facilitate the loading and unloading, the 3 axis semi-trailer truck has a support reel, manufactured with 4 double lamination rollers, which make operations smoother.

The safeness is ensured by the 2 locks under the chassis flap, which prevent disengagement during use. When the trailer is not in use, the reel is positioned at the rear and secured with a ratchet strap.

Tow bar 

The tow bar is built in tube and has a total length of 3 m, to facilitate long accessories transportation and the maneuvers performance.

The universal coupling tip reduces truck impacts and comes with a safety chain and with interchangeable and adjustable conical rubber bushings.

Suspension and brakes

The suspension is mechanical, with spring beams and tubular axles. Braking is in ABS, both on the front axle and on the 3rd axle. The actuation is carried out directly by the signal from the truck’s own brake, even if it does not have ABS.

Electric system

Modern and completely safe, the electrical system is sealed and has LED lights. The electrical current transmission is carried out by the standard 7-pin plug.

The cables are highly resistant and without amendments, linked by strategically positioned connectors.

Wheels, tires and accessories

Accessories include toolbox with 3 hand winches each with a lashing strap, spare rim mount attached to the side, thirteen 10-hole carbon steel wheels RIM 22.5, plus customer-requested brand and model tires.

PU paint

Paint with an anticorrosive base and finished in black PU paint, which guarantees greater shine, durability and a better finish.

The entire process is carried out by highly qualified technicians, who guarantee a better finish and performance in the field.

Why to use this equipment?

With all the features mentioned above, it’s easy to see how the Robustec’s 3 axis semi-trailer truck is the best choice for your transport operations.

By using the equipment, you can also ensure that the same truck is used for different uses and applications, preventing it from being idle waiting for new loads.

This is because the Roll-On Roll-Off system is simple and versatile, allowing implements quick attachment and removal on the vehicle.

The mechanism’s great benefit is the loading speed on the truck or tractor, which is about 2 minutes.

In addition, in less than 8 minutes, you can change the equipment body and transport a different load with total practicality.

Do you want to know even more about the Robustec’s 3 axis semi-trailer truck or request a quote from our team? Click here and explore the site with the complete product information.

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