3 ways to increase profitability in agriculture

According to CNA data, the agribusiness GDP is expected to grow by 3% in 2021. Furthermore, external market demand is expected to grow and consumer prices to decrease.

This means that the prospects are very good for the sector, but the scenario will also be competitive and will require strategies that highlight your production against the competition.

Although there are no ready-made formulas to increase your profitability in agriculture, a few precautions can help you take advantage of market opportunities more efficiently. Check out:

Learn about advances in technology and how they affect profitability in agriculture

The first step in driving profitability in agriculture is to recognize the trends that already driving the future of the sector.

For a long time, technology was no longer restricted only to large producers, and several solutions were already part of the day to day properties of the most diverse sizes.

However, this does not mean that you have to start with large investments and radically implement automation in your processes. The ideal is to adhere little by little.

For example, in the beginning, the use of a management and mapping software can already make a difference in the performance of your crops, as well as the acquisition of drones, which allow a better view of the planted areas.

After familiarizing yourself with the possibilities that can increase your profitability in agriculture, such as those mentioned, you can go further and learn about other solutions.

For example, in precision agriculture, artificial intelligence technologies, the Internet of Things, geolocation, robotics, Big Data, and automation work together to make farming smarter and extremely accurate.

Of course, this level of sophistication is the subject of another article, but it is important to know the possibilities that are already open in the market to recognize the paths you can take!

Qualify your workforce and invest in management

Speaking of management software, make sure you prioritize good management in all the processes that go into your harvest, regardless of whether you own a small property or run a large operation in the field.

At any level of organization, remember to manage your operations with attention to the market practices adopted by large companies, always paying attention to the managerial and operational aspects that influence their results, as well as their respective faults and points for improvement.

To do this, try to develop your management skills and also to qualify your employees, forming teams of professionals more qualified to face the different responsibilities and recognize their value for profitability in agriculture.

In addition, training increases your employee’s productivity, optimizes their functions, favors commitment, even prevents accidents and also helps you manage your production in a much more complete way!

Prioritize implements that enable profitability in agriculture

Finally, remember that all the details of your production influence your profitability in agriculture, from your management processes, to the technologies used in the field.

In this sense, agricultural implements play a fundamental role, since they are directly linked to the quality of sowing activities, either through handling, lifting loads, among other fundamental processes.

This is because, on a day-to-day basis, it is essential to have the highest standard of performance, agility, practicality, as well as maximum durability and complete assistance in cases of preventive or corrective maintenance.

This is the case of Robustec, which is an absolute reference in this sector!

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