All about securing cargo for more road safety

A well-lashed cargo with adequate equipment is essential to ensure safety, efficiency, and economy in transport. With good planning, respect for the rules, and the use of resistant and quality materials, you can ensure a much more peaceful and unforeseen trip.

To secure the load well, it is necessary to consider factors such as the quality and resistance of the equipment used, the anchoring points of the vehicle, the distribution of the load on the body, the forces on the load during the journey, among others. In this way, it is possible to minimize the potentially dangerous situations that may occur during transport, such as the loosening or displacement of the load.

When using the straps, you should check the type of lashing most suitable for each cargo carried and observe the safety tips and recommendations. The correct lashing procedures for different types of lading must be noted, whether dynamic, liquid, fractional, dry, indivisible, or bulky.

Good load distribution in the body reduces the likelihood of traffic accidents and improves the performance of transport operations. On the other hand, poor load distribution can cause problems such as excess weight per axle, tire wear, decreased braking capacity, reduced vehicle stability, and damage to roads.

You should also be aware of Contran’s new lashing rules. Since January 2017, Resolution 552, which prohibits the use of ropes, recommends the use of polyester straps, establishes the criteria for anchoring points, among other safety measures, has been in effect.

Among the necessary knowledge to master cargo lashing, we highlight:

  • Recommended procedures and care when lashing.
  • Tips for more efficient lashing.
  • How to avoid problems when securing cargo.
  • How to distribute the load well in your truck.
  • How to transport different types of cargo.
  • Know the Contran lashing rules.

So that you understand every detail of these important issues and how to apply this knowledge in transportation, Robustec developed the eBook Cargo Lashing for more safety on the roads.

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