Benefits and differentials of Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off equipment

equipamento roll on roll off

The Roll-On Roll-Off equipment system transports and stores loads much more efficiently, quickly and conveniently. Through this device, it is possible to load and unload the truck quickly and completely mechanically, optimizing the use of vehicles and labor.

Also called “hook type” hydraulic system, the Roll-On Roll-Off system is classified as such because the load enters and leaves the vehicle by its own means, through a chassis moved by a “flex arm”. It is used in road implements such as truck chassis, dump trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

In this article, we will explain the benefits and differentials of Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off equipment.

equipamento roll on roll off

What is the Roll-On Roll-Off system for?

This system can be transported by trucks or tractors in the movement of the most varied load types. With this technology, it is possible to load, tilt, couple and uncouple the most diverse types of materials with agility, flexibility in handling and ease of operation.

It is ideal for the transport of grains and cereals, recycled materials, scrap metal, wood, bales, cardboard, pruning, civil construction, coal, household waste and industrial and organic waste.

6 Main benefits of Roll-On Roll-Off equipment

The Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off system has a number of advantages:

1 – Versatility: These road implements can be used in different types of loads.

2 – Speed: the main advantage of the Roll-On Roll-Off mechanism is the speed with which the load is raised on the truck or tractor, around only two minutes. This equipment offers greater flexibility and practicality to the vehicle, providing greater flexibility in logistics and reducing costs.

3 – Use as a container: Another factor to take into account is that the Roll-On Roll-Off system can be used to store products, assuming the storage function. In addition, environmental legislation accepts containers as a place to deposit waste, replacing a storage center, which is a way to save resources and have more mobility.

4 – Optimize the vehicles use: Another benefit is that a single truck or trailer with this system can transport several different loads, simply by changing the bodywork, which significantly reduces the costs of buying vehicles. In addition, this equipment prevents vehicles from being idle for a long time, waiting for the load, which helps to save time and increase operation.

5 Labor Savings: Roll-On Roll-Off trailers also reduce the number of workers required in the production process. With them, you no longer need to have three or four employees working on your old equipment. A single operator will be able to get the job done and will be able to multitask much more efficiently and economically.

6 – Safety: Safety is another relevant factor, since drivers can pick up or deliver without leaving the cabin and without exposing themselves to risks when moving the load outside the vehicle. With a modern and highly reinforced design, the Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off has control systems in the driver’s cabin and on the outside of the equipment that allow the handling of loads according to the needs of each operation.

Find out how Robustec can help you

Robustec has a complete line of Roll-On Roll-Off equipment and road implements, such as dump trucks, dry-load metal bodywork.

Mounted directly on the truck chassis, this equipment is compact and offers safety and robustness in the most varied applications, optimizing performance and reducing costs.

Very robust and extremely resistant, the Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off equipment can support up to 25 tons. Very versatile, they serve the most diverse applications and are used in segments such as agriculture, scrap metal and recycling.

In addition, all Robustec road implements comply with Contran standards and resolutions. Complying with all the measures, signs and specifications required by traffic regulations.

Do you want to know more about the benefits and differentials of Robustec’s Roll-On Roll-Off equipment?  Talk to one of our consultants.


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