Benefits of the roll on roll off trailer in agriculture


The 3-axle trailer  with Robustec roll on roll off system is an extremely practical and efficient solution for transporting loads, capable of facilitating handing, increasing speed and optimizing logistical performance.

Robustec manufactures the Romeo and Juliet system, which consists of a roll on roll off equipment and a coupled trailer. With this equipment, it is possible to transport two accessories at once, saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity and profitability.

Know about some of the 3 axle trailer differentials:

With a maximum traction capacity of 27 tons, the Robustec 3-axle trailer is made for 6.0- and 6.5-meter length accessories. Mounted directly on the truck chassis, this equipment offers safety and robustness in the most varied applications, optimizing transport performance.

The trailer chassis is made of I-shaped steel beams, 100% welded, assembled and welded in jigs. This process guarantees adequate measurements and quality in the assembly process. The thickness of the upper plate is 19 mm, which guarantees resistance and robustness, avoiding dents and deformations of the chassis.

Sliding support trolley

The trailer has a sliding support trolley for raising and lowering loads. It has 4 double-rolled rollers, which guarantees a smooth and safe operation. The truck is painted in orange, making it easy to see during operations.

For greater safety, the trolley has two locks placed under the flap of the chassis that prevent disengagement during operations. When the trailer is not carrying loads, the trolley is positioned at the rear and secured with a lashing sling.

Tow bar

Tow bar or coupling shaft built in tube, with a total length of 3m, which facilitates maneuvering and the transport of longer accessories. It has a universal towing tip with a safety chain with adjustable and interchangeable conical rubber bushing. These bushing work as a damping system, reducing impacts on the truck.

Suspension and brake system

Mechanical suspension with market standard tubular axles and spring sets.

The ABS braking system on two axles (front and third axle). It is driven directly by the truck’s electrical brake signal, regardless of whether the truck has an ABS brake or not. At the front of the trailer, it has a green light signal to alert the driver if the trailer ABS is working.

Electric system

The equipment has a modern and safe electrical system, LED signs with a modern and innovative design, fully sealed to prevent water infiltration. It has a standard 7-pin plug to transmit electrical current from the truck to the trailer.

The system uses high-resistance electrical cables, without amendments, joined by connectors where needed. Additionally, the connectors are positioned in strategic locations for better protection, operation and increased service life.

Modern control boxes with easy access to the operator

The control boxes are positioned outside the trailer on the driver side. inside of which are installed the controls that activate the stationary brakes, the air suspension for the second axle and the security locks.

Wheels, tires and accessories

The trailer has as standard accessories a tool box, three winches with lashing slings, a spare carrier fixed to the side and 13 carbon steel 22.5 wheels with 10 holes. And as an optional, tires of the brand and model requested by the client.

painting with PU ink in black

Robustec’s painting process is carried out and accompanied by highly qualified technicians to guarantee better quality and performance. Its painting is made with an anti-corrosion base and later finished in black PU ink, which guarantees more shine, durability and a better finish.

Norms and resolutions

The equipment has side protectors and bumpers with approved reflective tapes. Moreover, all the trailer measures comply with traffic regulations. It also has an identification plate and traceability, indicating the load capacity and the product’s serial number.

Specialized technical delivery

To guarantee total safety to its customers, Robustec performs a checklist and tests on all its implements before making the technical delivery. Additionally, it performs the technical delivery to the client, qualifying and training it for operation and periodic maintenance. The customer also receives the operating manual and the warranty term.

Know how the roll on roll off system works

The English term roll on roll off refers to bodies and dump boxes transported by truck or tractor whose load enters and leaves by themselves, using a chassis with wheels moved by hydraulic drive system.

With this technology it is possible to load, tilt, couple and uncouple the most diverse types of materials with agility, flexibility in handling and ease of operation.

Learn about the roll on roll off system by clicking here.

Due to its simple and quick system for removing and replacing accessories, the roll on roll off system allows to use the same truck for different services and applications. In this way, it prevents the vehicles from being idle for a long time, waiting for the load.

The main advantage of the roll on roll off mechanism is the speed with which the cargo is loaded onto the truck or tractor, around only two minutes. In less than eight minutes, this equipment can carry a different load, simply by changing the body type.

All Robustec  road implements comply with Contram regulations and resolutions. Further, this equipment complies with all the measurements, signs and specifications required by traffic regulations.

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