Discover the best rice harvesting machines

Conheça as melhores maquinas para a colheita de arroz

Choosing the best machines for rice harvesting is not an easy process. We are talking about a production that can have a very high loss rate, especially when logistics processes are poorly managed. Having a powerful machine that brings efficiency, safety and productivity to your business makes the difference. Therefore, in this article we want you to know the main difficulties in rice harvesting, the importance that quality machines bring to your production and what type of machine you should choose. Keep reading:

Know about the difficulties in rice harvesting

The harvest stage is one of the most important in the rice production process. But when mishandled, it can cause grain waste and lead to losses. According to MAPA estimates, the rice plantations losses reach 22%, being 12.6% only from the harvest. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to use the best machines during this process.

Losses in mechanized rice harvesting occur due to crop conditions, such as plant lodging and weeds presence. Crops that are harvested before the ideal maturity point also affect grain production and the commercial rice quality. In addition, the inadequate grain humidity, the conservation state, maintenance and adjustment of the machines and the operator’s lack of preparation are also factors responsible for the losses.

Why is it so important to use the right equipment?

The right harvesting machines help improve production and also increase productivity. It is possible to ensure greater agility and efficiency of all processes, since modern and innovative machines tend to facilitate the execution of tasks and reduce the use of labor. The choice and use of machines must be linked to a very well-structured planning. This involves choosing the best storage locations for the products, having good stock management, and considering the execution time of each task.

What are the best machines?

The main machines for harvesting rice are:

  • Reaper: Designed for small rice fields, they are basically formed by a chassis with a handlebar mounted on two wheels, a motor, a cutting unit and a plant collector. Some have a tank for harvested plants, which is emptied from time to time.
  • Threshers: They have the function of removing the grains from the rice panicles and separating them from the rest of the plant. The most common models have a tine threshing cylinder with a tangential plant flow. Other models have an axial plant flow thresher. In addition, they are provided with sieves, a fan and a straw remover to remove the straw and clean the grains.
  • Rice harvesters: Harvest and separate the plants in a single operation. They can be self-propelled or driven by the tractor. They are characterized by having mechanisms for cutting and feeding the plants, threshing, separating, cleaning, transporting and storing grains and other special components to ensure good operation in various growing conditions, such as irrigation.

Get to know the Roblift Agro

The Roblift Agro is used throughout the entire production period, from soil preparation, sowing, spraying to harvest. This Robustec implement was developed especially for work in the field, being a multipurpose trailer to be coupled to agricultural tractors. It has a unique independent hydraulic arm, which loads and unloads products safely and quickly, even in hard-to-reach places. In this way, it is possible to optimize the use of the tractor as much as possible and still be able to load and unload in places where the truck does not reach. If you want to know more about this Robustec implement, click here.

See, in this video, how to optimize your work in the field with the Roblift Agro:


This was our article on the best rice harvesting machines. Do you want to read more content like this? Then keep an eye on our blog. Until next time!

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