Discover the new Robustec Bulker Dump Truck

caçamba basculante graneleira

High performance and durability for transporting grain and equipment.

The Robustec Bulker Dump Truck was designed for high performance and longer durability. Its reinforced structure and superior finish make it the best alternative for transporting bulk products such as corn, soy, wheat, oats and also palletized materials, big bags or even implements.

Ideal for transporting bulk, palletized products and equipment.

Grain transport becomes much more agile, practical and efficient with Robustec Bulker Dump Truck. Its chassis built in plates, tubes and structural profiles has reinforced articulation of the load box. All this reinforced structure allows it to be used with total efficiency in the transportation, loading and unloading of grains and also of large equipment. It can be easily adapted to any type of truck of the line on chassis, 3/4, stump, truck e bi-truck.

Check out the differentials of the Robustec Bulker Dump Truck

Como Bascular sua Caçamba Robustec

Reinforced structure: more robustness and durability.

Hydraulic system: technology and safety in operation.

Painting and finish: more safety and longer durability for the equipment.

Complete as standard: the Robustec Dump Truck is ready for use.

Customizable: several options to adapt the dump truck to your needs.

Download here the complete material with the equipment’s technical specifications.

Own factory, cutting-edge technology and specialized technical assistance: Robustec Bulker comes loaded with advantages.

Robustec has one of the most modern agricultural and roadworks factories in Southern Brazil. With 5.000 m2 and a complete production line, Robustec develops its products based on customers’ real needs in transportation of grains and equipment. The best example is the Bulker Dump Truck. Produced under templates, which guarantees quality, standardization and high performance, it leaves the factory with a 6-month guarantee and has specialized technical assistance in the three southern states guaranteeing full support to customers, always seeking for solutions in an agile and efficient way.

Were you interested in the Bulker Dump Truck? Want to know more about this equipment? Access our technical leaflet with all the descriptive material about its characteristics:


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