Discover the Robustec lashing strap differentials

diferenciais das cintas de amarração

Lashing straps are essential components, and they must bring the utmost security to the loads. A lashing set not only guarantees the safety of the products being transported but also ensures the integrity of the people involved in the operations.

So, choosing the brand you are going to buy is something serious, isn’t it ?! There are several models on the market, with different benefits and peculiarities. For this reason, we created an e-book showing the technical and functional differentials that Robustec lashing straps bring. 

By reading the content, you will have the technical knowledge to help you choose which is the best brand. You will find more accurate, in-depth, and much more detailed information, such as sewing, pigmentation, weft, cables, and finishes.

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Here is what you will find in this material:

  • Robustec lashing sets technical and construction differentials;
  • Technical knowledge to help you choose the best brand;
  • Precautions you should take when buying a lashing set;
  • List of standards required for the use, manufacture, and testing of the straps.

See all chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Current standards
  • Straps
  • Seam
  • Hand Winch
  • Hook
  • Label
  • General information about Robustec


diferenciais das cintas de amarração

Discover the main characteristics of lashing straps

We can already go ahead and mention the main characteristics that give excellence in the quality of our lashing straps. Check it out then:

  • Our straps have a higher number of threads in the weave, which ensures that they are more reliable and more resistant. In addition, it increases the service life of the belt.
  • They are made to have smooth and homogeneous surfaces, which reduces the breakage of microfilaments.
  • The seam length of Robustec straps is longer than that of competitors. This is essential because it guarantees strength and an increased lifespan for the belt.
  • The Robustec hand winch handle has grooves to prevent the hand from sliding when handling them. 
  • The hooks are more reinforced: a 9.3mm thick steel diameter is used for a 3-ton hook.
  • The Robustec hook undergoes a zinc plating process, in which it guarantees a longer lifespan.

That was just a part of what you’ll find in our e-book.

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