Equipment to facilitate transport logistics

Load handling is an important strategic area in logistics and a fundamental competitive advantage for companies. Treadmills, cranes, stacker cranes, forklifts, pallet trucks, shuttle and roll on-roll off equipment can be used to facilitate the movement of the most diverse types of products.

The use of an adequate equipment contributes to a better physical use of spaces, greater safety in operations and agility in the load movement. In addition, it allows the storage system verticalization, forming streets and shelves that allow direct access to the merchandise and favor the implementation of a more efficient management system.

In this article we will present the main logistics equipment and road implements capable of facilitating transport logistics.


Moving goods from one point to another is made easier with the use of Treadmills to optimize logistics. The advantage is the time saving, the versatility and the reduction in the number of workers.

The treadmills can be fixed or flexible, depending on the type, size and weight of the products handled. This function can be used, for example, to distribute packages, shipping products, and loading and unloading activities.


This equipment is suitable for companies that have very heavy products. With it, it is easier to move these volumes that, in some cases, neither forklift trucks nor pallet trucks can handle. The cranes are perfect for lifting loads in storage, loading and unloading activities.

Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes are automatic storage systems, controlled by a management software, ideal for permanent inventories and process control.

This equipment is perfect for storing products in an automated way, even in tight places. They work as a kind of vertical and flexible monorail, capable of reaching up to 40 meters in height.

The stacker cranes are capable of moving up to 6 tons of goods with extreme precision. There are several models of stacker cranes, such as Mini Load (lighter goods) and Unid Load (heavier goods). With this logistics equipment it is possible to increase the company’s productivity in the warehouse and order preparation sectors.


This is one of the main equipment that a company in the logistics segment needs to invest. Forklifts are essential for storing, loading and unloading goods quickly and safely. They allow the stacking of products and materials, making it possible to reach great heights with ease and save space.

However, for the forklift to be used safely in the work environment, the operators must be well trained to avoid accidents.


This equipment is used to perform horizontal movements. It typically works through a wheel-mounted treadmill or a treadmill that moves on raised rails or on the floor. In this way, the load moves along its length to the next treadmill in the system.

The manual transpallet, widely used for loading and unloading in docks, is intended for loads of 2500 kilos. The electric transpallet works by traction and electric lifting. This factor only requires one operator, making this option economical. However, it is only recommended for handling medium loads.


The shuttle is a compaction storage system designed to optimize pallet loading and unloading movements. This equipment offers the advantage of avoiding the operator having to enter the storage aisles. It is suitable for companies with a large volume of pallets and a high loading and unloading activity.

Roll on roll off equipment

This equipment allows to optimize the transport of the most diverse load types with agility and practicality, allowing a wide flexibility in logistics and reducing costs.

Adaptable for various applications to move boxes, platforms, tanks, it is an agile equipment, extremely simple to operate, which allows optimizing load transportation.

For example, the  3-axle trailer with Roll on Roll off system is an extremely practical solution for transporting additional loads. It increases the efficiency of moving and transporting, optimizing the truck and the equipment.

As we saw earlier, the equipment used to facilitate transportation logistics is critical to optimizing final product delivery, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

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