Essential parts and equipment for truck drivers

Those who work with heavy loads and in severe conditions need to have parts and equipment that offer total resistance and safety.

The use of tow straps, parking jacks, landing gear and lashing equipment brings greater efficiency and safety to professional and entertainment activities.

In addition to guaranteeing the integrity of the products or objects loaded, this equipment guarantees the people’s safety during operations. Therefore, it is essential to use reliable and proven products.

In this article we will present which are the essential parts and equipment for truck drivers and we will explain the operation and advantages of each one of them.

Lifting and supporting with parking jacks

The parking jack is used for lifting and supporting small loads on equipment such as trailers and agricultural trailers. Its use facilitates adaptation to different heights, reduces the operator’s physical effort, optimizes production and prevents accidents.

This equipment allows these machines to be detached and used at rest and facilitates their restart. It should be used on trailers with reduced capacity, between 1,500 and 7,500 kg.

Robustec has parking jacks with three drive models – lateral, top and articulated – that offer more practicality and comfort in handling for the operator. In addition, the Robustec’s parking jacks have two driving speeds: high, to bring the foot closer to the ground, and low, to lift the load. They also offer three transmission options: lateral, top and articulated.

The pieces are finished in epoxy powder paint and electrolytic zinc coating, which ensures greater protection against aggressive environments.

Tow straps for towing vehicles

In their spare time, tow straps are used to tow vehicles and jeeps and to tie up motorcycles. Robustec’s tow straps are resistant, 100% polyester made, chemically treated to reduce water absorption and heat treated. They follow safety standards and are certified by Inmetro, providing a practical and safe use.

The 10,000kg or 5,000kg tow strap is ideal for trails, vehicle towing and jeeps. With capacities of 5 or 10 tons, it is available in lengths of 4, 5, 6 and 10 meters.

A good option for lashing and transporting your motorcycle is the Closed or Open Hand Winch Moto Tie Strap Kit. It contains a 100% polyester strap, chemically treated for less water absorption and heat treated, a camouflaged nécessaire bag and two lashing straps (closed winch) with a capacity of 800 kg, three meters and moto hook.

The Robustec’s 1,500 kg Tow Strap Kit (Pickup) is ideal for trails. In turn, the 5,000 kg or 10,000 kg Tow Strap Kit is indicated for trails, towing vehicles and jeeps. There are also versions of the Tow Strap kit with moto hook lashing, with 5 tons capacity and 6 meters, and the Tow Strap with shackle, with capacities of 5 and 10 tons and a length of 6 meters.

Load lashing equipment

Robustec also has a complete load lashing equipment line that offers total resistance and complies with the Contran 552 Standard.

The Robustec’s lashing straps line has models with flat, “J”, triangular, “Moto”, claw and swivel hooks, available with or without hand winch. These products offer various mounting and capacity options, depending on your application and the needs of each customer.

The straps are 100% polyester made and are chemically treated for less water absorption. They have anti-UV protection, are resistant to sunlight and withstand temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 100 ° C.

Robustec hooks and hand winches are manufactured from welded carbon steel and finished by electrolytic zinc plating and/or epoxy powder coating. In addition, they receive heat treatment.

As we have seen, using equipment that ensures the load and people safety in transportation is essential to handling and secure load in the most diverse areas. The quality products use helps to minimize risks and achieve greater efficiency and safety in transportation.

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