Evolution bulk dump body: meet the Robustec launch

Robustec has just launched a new dump body model on the market: the evolution bulk dump body. It’s perfect for increasing productivity in the field and bringing better results to your work. In this blog article we tell you the main details about it. Check it out:

Evolution bulk dump body launch

The Evolution bulk dump body has an innovative design, is even more robust and has a superior quality. It is used in the bulk products transportation, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and also palletized materials, in big bags or even implements. Now the new Evolution bulk tipper can only be used on bitrucks (4 axles).

Loaded with innovations for the field

Robustec’s new Evolution bulk dump body brings innovation and modernity to your work in the field. With reinforced structure, it has great performance, durability and factory warranty. You can also customize your dump body according to your needs.

Download the complete brochure and know all the dump body technical features.

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