How to choose the ideal lifting equipment?

Having the ideal lifting equipment is of utmost importance to ensure more safety, stability and robustness in any job that involves heavy weights and severe conditions.

Generally, this equipment type is used in conjunction with agricultural and road trailers, planters, distributors, sprayers, trailers, industrial equipment and agricultural implements in general.

Regardless of the equipment use, it is essential to know how to choose the correct option, which is aligned with your needs, has durability and offers the best quality standards available on the market.

Do you want to know what to consider to guarantee the ideal lifting equipment, and at the same time, know the solutions that stand out in this area? Find out below!


What to consider when choosing the ideal lifting equipment?

The first point to consider when choosing the ideal lifting equipment is related to your job needs and your loads weight.

With that in mind, be sure to look for manufacturers who provide clear and easy-to-understand information, both on the supported weight limit, and on the features that the equipment offers.

Keep in mind that the lifting equipment is intended for reduced capacity trailers, 1,500 kg to 7,500 kg.

If the limit is not respected, the efforts of the operators’ phase would be too hard in the deployment phase, creating difficulties in adapting the trailer to different heights during docking.

However, with larger machines, the lifting equipment must be equipped with angle reducers, which transmit the movement to the screw and reduce the operator efforts.

In this way, the possibilities are expanded, allowing to work with trailers of up to 28 load tons!

Ultimately, it all depends on the kind of activity that you will carry out with the ideal lifting equipment and on the characteristics necessary for it to be produced with excellence.

With attention to the weight standards and the characteristics of the different models offered on the market, it is possible to guarantee an assertive and truly advantageous purchase for your operations!

So that you have no doubts when making your choice, we highlight the best lifting equipment and their main characteristics below.

What are the best solutions in the area? 

The best options for lifting equipment available in the market are those that faithfully meet the operation demands and still add differentials capable of making the equipment more efficient, safe and stable.

Robustec is a reference in the segment and offers the ideal lifting equipment for those who value quality, durability and excellence in every detail.

In fact, we work with more than 20 models, specially developed to cover a wide range of needs, areas and requirements.

Check out our equipment features and the factors that differentiate them from the rest of the options offered on the market:

  • Precise adjustment, easy operation and perfect leveling;
  • Two drive speeds: high to bring the brake shoe closer to the ground and low to suspend the load;
  • Smooth and silent operation, with self-lubricating pistons and bearings;
  • Greater resistance, useful life, in addition to an ultra-resistant finish;
  • Flexibility for different applications;
  • Certification, strict quality standard and adaptation to technical requirements.

Another ideal lifting equipment option are the hydraulic models, which provide even more safety, strength and stability when handling loads. See more details about them below.

Ensure even more efficiency with hydraulic equipment! 

Robustec hydraulic lifting equipment is also available in a wide models variety and can be customized to your needs.

Its high-pressure hydraulic cylinder has greater resistance and durability, with a high safety factor to support high loads through a lightweight, compact and easy to operate product.

Furthermore, the check valve allows the best positioning of the trailer, avoiding involuntary movements and also eliminating the oil waste. The assembly is compact and protected inside the tube, so that the valve is never damaged.

At the same time, the structure is developed in high-strength laminated tubes, sized to cope with vertical and lateral loads without any deformation problem.

There is also the care in the drive speed, in which the equipment provides excellent operation control, avoiding sudden movements and problems in the hydraulic and mechanical system.

Many other benefits and highlights could still be mentioned, but with the ones we show we can already see well why Robustec differentiates itself from the competition by providing a more robust, safe, accurate and efficient lifting equipment.

Do you want to know more about our differentials and have access to the ideal lifting equipment for you? Then click here to see everything about our models, and also here to learn more about the hydraulic equipment!

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