How to create and implement a sales campaign in your hardware store


A sales campaign is a promotional action that companies use to attract more customers, increase sales and increase profits in a short period of time.

In this article, we will show you how to create and implement a sales campaign in your hardware store and we will give you tips on strategies to improve your business results.

Know how to plan and execute your sales campaign

To create a sales campaign, you need to take into account some essential steps, such as planning, setting the rules, running the campaign, and analyzing the results. We will discuss each of these steps below and include additional information with tips to optimize your results.

  1. Plan your sales campaign

The planning defines the objectives, actions and channels that will be used for dissemination. What is the purpose of this promotional action? What product or service will be the focus of the campaign? What discounts will be offered? What is the target audience? What will the budget be? By answering these questions, you can now plan your campaign more assertively.

  1. Define a theme

The theme is another important element of a sales campaign. Let the public know why you are doing the action or holiday you want to highlight.

  1. Take advantage of the holidays

One of the most efficient ways to attract new customers is to do promotions on holidays, which usually bring a big increase in sales. Therefore, dates like Christmas, Father’s Day and Black Friday are great opportunities to create your campaigns.

On the other hand, most companies also use these dates. To stand out, you can create your own sales campaign actions in strategic periods to boost the results of your business.

  1. Define the term of your sales campaign

Another key element is the deadline. After all, campaigns must have a start and end date.

Ideally, a sales campaign should last between 30 and 45 days. This brings a sense of emergency to both internal and external audiences. If the time frame is longer, it may be better to create several mini-campaigns to always keep people motivated.


    1. Choose the rules and participants

    Defining rules is essential in creating sales campaigns. They should be easy to understand and tell the audience exactly how the action is supposed to work. Can the customer use a check? And split the purchase? Do you have to work on the product mix? Will the customer win a gift? Employees need to know the rules well and know exactly how far they can negotiate discounts with the customer.

    1. Set goals to motivate salespeople

    Every action must have a north. After all, setting a goal helps motivate the team to sell more. But try to define clear, simple and objective goals for the group. For example: the goal of the campaign is to sell the product to 100 customers in 30 days. The employee who achieves this goal will win a prize. But also create smaller goals, so that salespeople stay energized with every little step they take.

    1. Invest in marketing and communication

    For your campaign to be successful, you need to advertise it on social media, on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Also, place a banner in your virtual store or create a special page for the campaign.

    Plan which channels you will use to communicate with your customers. But first it is important to analyze the target audience: who are your people? Where are they? What communication channels do they use?

    You can also make sponsored ads about your action, aimed exactly at your target audience. For that, use tools like Google AdWords, Display Network, and Facebook Ads.

    1. Work on the execution

    Now is the time to get your hands dirty. In this stage, the actions planned in the previous stages are put into practice. To do this, you must involve the different sectors of the company, such as marketing, sales and logistics.

    1. Analyze the results throughout the sales campaign

    Finally, we come to the analysis stage. Here, we look at the goals and objectives outlined in planning to evaluate campaign performance. That is, it is time to check what went well or wrong during its execution. Has your sales campaign achieved the expected results?

    By monitoring the results, you will be able to know which strategies have worked and which need to be improved. In this way, it will be possible to identify the positive and negative points of the campaign, to make the necessary adjustments in the next ones.

    As we have seen, creating and implementing a sales campaign is not very complicated, you just need to do good planning and define well what strategies will be adopted. In addition, it is necessary to offer products that are attractive to your audience and at competitive prices.

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