How to increase sales at your hardware store

Many factors can influence your hardware store’s sales results. You must be aware to issues such as product presentation, customer profile, product quality, inventory management, employee training.

Often, simple changes, such as having a strategic product mix or the layout of the products in the store, can make a difference. How do you display your products? Are you exploring the different outlets available? How to make an adequate inventory control? Do you already know what you can do to increase sales in your hardware store? In this article, we’ll give you tips on strategies that can help you improve your business results. Check it out!

Learn what to do to increase sales 

Every store needs to retain its customers to increase sales. For this, it is necessary to have a differential in the market, offering quality products at competitive prices.

The first step in structuring the sales process is to clearly define what differentiates your company from others in the market. What are the main products sold?

Also, to retain your customers, you need to know them well. What are your audience characteristics and needs? Do your products meet your customers’ main needs well?

Try to discover your customers’ needs, what products interest them the most and what they expect from your company. To understand all of this, you can do market research.

In general, the potential consumer market for a hardware store is made up of people who are renovating or building residences and construction companies. However, many times, a hardware store audience has more specific demands, and you should be aware of this.

Analyze the demographic region around your store and assess what are your customers greatest demands. For example, if you are located in a rural area, you will likely need equipment for local farmers, homeowners, and other distributors.

Another good strategy is to create an efficient customer registration system. This will provide you with information so that you can analyze your customer behavior. With this information you can make better decisions and create strategies to improve your relationship with them.


See how important is to making a good products presentation

The products location at the sales place is critical to the sales success. Try to place the items in an attractive location with good visibility. The customer must be able to find what he is looking for himself, and the seller should only guide and clarify his doubts when necessary.

Products should be displayed using a facilitating layout so that customers can find what they are looking for more easily and still make unscheduled purchases. Think about how people will move around the environment and place the products at the eye level for easy viewing and handling.

To make it easier, you can spread out signs with each sector name around the store so that they can be seen from distance. In addition, different colors can be used to separate each product sector.

It is also important to always show the products price. Aside from being a mandatory practice, many consumers give up buying a product if they don’t see the price. Also try to show the added value and each product cost-benefit ratio advantages.

Encourage impulse purchases

Select some products to be positioned at hot selling points, that is, those with the highest visibility, to help stimulate impulse purchases. The ideal places, in this case, are the store entrance and the shelves located next to the cashiers.

Impulse purchase products, such as glues, tape, lighting products, and small tools, must be clearly visible. That way, before the customer pays for the purchase, they can find other products they need on these shelves.

Another secret is to expose the products in an organized way, separating them by purpose of use and product sectors. You can also position them so that they are close to tools and related items, thus facilitating the sale. For example: threads and bushings should be close to the screws.

Train your employees well

Good service is a key factor to retain customers. For this reason, it is important to guide and train your employees so that they can offer a friendly and efficient service.

With a good training, salespeople will be able to implement the planned strategies much more efficiently.

They must know the area in which they operate very well, in order to help the clients to solve their problems in the best possible way.

Your sellers must know how to present the brand’s differentials, the product’s cost-benefit, how the merchandise works and the payment methods. All of this will help to win over the customer.


Have a good product line

You must keep your product line always up to date. In addition, you should always be aware of the market trends. After all, releases and innovations attract a lot of customer attention.

Make sure your product line meets your customers’ needs. You can conduct research on the Internet to assess the demand for your product or service and find out what the market trends are. Also, notice if your prices are competitive in relation to the competition. 

Increase your sales with a good inventory management

Yes, inventory management can also help increase sales, as there is nothing more disappointing for a customer than coming to the store looking for a product and not finding it on the shelves.

To ensure that products are always available, it is very important to have good inventory management, improve product purchasing processes, and have efficient transportation and storage logistics.

You should also make a good forecast of the products you will have to offer at each time of the year and closely monitor sales. In this way, you can ensure that replenishment orders are always placed in the correct quantity.

If necessary, increase the number of products in stock to reduce the products cost. And keep in mind peak sales periods, such as holidays, which require larger stocks.

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