How to increase your store sales

Como aumentar as vendas da sua loja

Staying competitive in the middle of trade depends on some strategies, especially on how to increase sales.

It is not possible to have a good flow of conversions just by standing behind the counter, waiting for customers to enter.

Whether in a hardware store or among many of the most diverse segments, it is necessary to plan all aspects of its presentation to the public.

You need to train your salespeople, optimize your establishment, and invest in a good presentation. Check out some tips that we have separated to help increase your store’s sales.

Optimize your service

Good service in the store is essential for the success of the trade. If your consumer feels that he has not been well received or has received no help, he is unlikely to buy anything or return.

For that not to happen, keep in mind some tips:

  • Salespeople need to be helpful, but never put pressure on customers. It is important to convey a feeling of freedom.
  • Do not overdo the conversation with your customers. Learn to listen to what they need and notice when the person prefers not to talk.
  • Salespeople need to be well distributed throughout the store and offer assistance when needed.
  • Seller’s disinterest will cause consumer disinterest. Motivate your team to maintain good humor and respect in all business situations.
  • Do your salespeople know all the materials for sale? Empower your team to optimize customer support. When the consumer feels supported, he will trust your store and possibly return.

Como aumentar as vendas da sua loja - Loja de ferragens

Invest in the presentation of your store

How does your store feel? Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to environments. Even your hardware store can present a more modern and clean look that attracts more customers.

Bet on sensory marketing and offer consumers a new experience.

Test different lighting or change your display layout. The easier access to the product and the price, the more attractive it becomes for the consumer.

To increase sales for a certain group of products, for example, give it more prominence in the shop window or center.

Use a striking decor, but that matches the environment. A tip that makes it easier is to think of a color scheme for the entire store.

Know your products well

Both you and your team need to be aware of all products for sale. In this way, customer service increases, as do your strategy options.

If you know the differential that a certain product has, it is easier to create promotions or highlights.

Como aumentar as vendas da sua loja - Ferramentas

Know your inventory well: this way, you better present the product to the customer, show the advantages to him, and increase your sales potential.

Bet on discounts and coupons

You can think about applying a discount or even making a loyalty coupon to increase your sales. This works because it attracts more customers and loyalty to the ones you already have.

To succeed in this strategy, plan your budget well. Give discounts on products that least come out of stock, for example. Besides, the loyalty coupon can be another ally when it comes to increasing your customer base.

Offer a reward system for customer purchases. The more he buys, the more discount he gets on his next purchase.

You can opt for a gift system as well. The idea is to remain competitive and always present in the consumer’s mind.

Invest in marketing and content production

In addition to the good presentation of your physical store, it is important to circulate your name. Invest in an online presence with a website, social media posts, and even blogs.

If you organize your time well, producing content about materials and hardware can be an interesting option.

People use the internet a lot in search of stores and information on what to buy. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can increase your visibility and, consequently, increase your sales. However, it is necessary to create engagement and relevance.

In digital marketing, it is important to invest in design and content. Marketing and advertising professionals can help you create your online identity. Provide all information about your products and how to get to your store.

Another idea is to produce content related to your trade to promote your products. Also, physical advertisements, such as flyers and ads, can act as good gimmicks too.

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