How to retain customers in your store

Como fidelizar clientes na sua loja Robustec

The consumer is increasingly demanding and well informed. He is currently able to access information on the internet quickly and has access to a wide range and variety of products and services. Therefore, it is very important to retain customers.

But do you know how to retain customers? See, below, tips for you to have better results in your business.

Know your customers well

To retain your audience, you first need to know them well. Try to find out what your needs are, what products interest you most, and what you expect from your company.

A good strategy is to create an efficient customer registration system. It will provide input so that you can analyze the behavior of your audience and then make better decisions and define strategies to improve your relationship with them. With this information, it becomes much easier to create commercial strategies and offer assertive and more personalized promotions.

Have a good product line

You should always keep your product line up to date and be aware of market news. Launches and news always attract a lot of customers’ attention.

Make sure your product line matches your customers’ needs and behavior. You can research on the internet to assess the demand for your product or service and find out what the market trends are. Also note if your prices are competitive concerning competitors.

For example, a hardware store should offer all types of building materials, paints and paint and electricity equipment, plumbing materials, hardware, power tools, and gardening equipment.

Products must be displayed using a facilitating layout so that customers can find what they want more easily and still make unscheduled purchases.

Another good idea is to combine the offer of products from your store with related areas – for example, a traditional hardware store may have products aimed at the sawmill area. The store can provide information to people who do the maintenance and improvement of their homes on their own and recommend products for that specific audience.

Make a neat attendance

Como fidelizar clientes na sua loja Robustec

Good service is a key factor in building customer loyalty. That is why it is important to guide and train your employees so that they can offer a friendly and efficient service. 

Try to treat each of your customers uniquely and especially. When people feel valued and confident, they become much more likely to make a purchase. 

To improve customer relationships, salespeople can, for example, call them later to see if the product has met their expectations and ask for suggestions to improve service. 

Make good inventory management 

There is nothing more disappointing for a customer than arriving at the store in search of a product and not finding it on the shelf. 

To ensure that products are always available, it is very important to have good inventory management. Improve product purchasing processes and rely on efficient transport and storage logistics.

You should also make a good forecast for the goods you will need to offer each time of the year and monitor sales closely. In this way, you will be able to ensure that replacement orders are placed at the right time and in the right quantity.

If necessary, increase the number of products in stock to reduce the cost of the products. And be aware of periods of higher sales, such as festive dates, which demand larger stocks.

 Invest in loyalty programs

Cartão fidelidade Robustec

Customer loyalty programs value those buyers who make regular purchases, offering discounts, special service, and more flexible payment options. Exclusive promotions and product combo offers are also very attractive to consumers. Offer discounts on larger purchases, distribute personalized gifts, and extend the warranty period for your products and services.

See a case of how to retain customers

DPaschoal, for example, created a relationship card called TruckCard, aimed at trucker customers. According to the company, the objective was to work towards customer loyalty, offering exclusive benefits from the chain.

The card made it possible to strengthen the relationship with customers and also publicize the variety of products and services of the company, which goes far beyond changing tires. Using the loyalty card, the customer can win discounts and prizes offered annually.

As we have seen, there is a series of care and initiatives capable of strengthening the relationship with customers. For this, it is important to get to know them well, to take care of their service, to do good inventory management, to create promotions, and to invest in loyalty programs. 

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