How to use WhatsApp to generate revenue at the hardware store

WhatsApp is the most used app by Brazilians, with 68% preference, according to the MMA Mobile Report 2017 survey. Due to its popularity, this application can become a very useful tool to increase sales and generate more income for your hardware store.

Every day, millions of Brazilians use WhatsApp not only to communicate with friends and family, but also to do business.

Sell ​​products also by phone

Increasingly, instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, are used as an important service and sales means. With these tools, you can simplify the shopping experience for your customers and create a great differential for your store.

WhatsApp allows you to create customizable communications and schedule automatic messages for periods when you are absent. In addition, it can be used to publicize promotions, events and other situations that can help increase sales.

You can, for example, send birthday greetings and other commemorative dates, advertise promotions and campaigns or simply thank the customer for their preference.

But remember that WhatsApp is a fast communication mean. Therefore, be careful not to leave your customer waiting for a response for more than an hour.

Get to know WhatsApp Business

Thinking about companies that want to use the app to do business, WhatsApp Business was created, a version of the application aimed for companies. It serves as a business card and provides metrics such as the number of messages sent, delivered, received and read.

The application interface is very similar to the conventional version, but it provides specific functions to the business world:

Company settings: allows you to modify the parameters of the professional section of the application;

Statistics: shows data on sent and received messages and those that have not yet been read;

Automatic messages: allows you to configure welcome or absence messages and activate them according to the keywords mentioned by the user.

Learn how to use WhatsApp to generate more income

So that you can really generate revenue through WhatsApp, it is important to know how to explore and make the most of all the functions that the application offers.

1.      Use status to disclose without being intrusive

WhatsApp, like Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, also has a status section for instant posts with a limited duration.

Any status posted by the app will be visible to contacts added to your profile. So, take advantage of it as an advertising panel within the application and share images with calls to your offers and promotions.

Users will be able to view your posts for a 24-hour period, and if they are interested, they will have the opportunity to start a conversation with you right away.

2.      Direct communication to specific niches

Personalizing communication with each consumer helps increase your chances of sales. Therefore, try to collect relevant information about the profile of your customers, such as their preferences, concerns, challenges, interests, among other data. In this way, you can work in a segmented way, sending relevant content and promotions according to the customer profile.

3.      Automatically send messages to all your contacts

Using the transmission list, you can have a single message seen by all your contacts in the app. With this feature, you can send messages simultaneously to as many contacts as you want, but they will receive them in their private conversation. This prevents users from seeing other consumers responses and reactions, such as in a group.

4.      Use the product catalog

The WhatsApp Business catalog allows you to make your products available in a store for customers who see your contact. Setting up your catalog is a simple task. Enter your account settings, click on the “catalog” option, upload a product image and provide information about it.

5.      Share content with your audience

Take advantage of your transmission lists to send content to your customers directly on WhatsApp. Basically, all the content you share via social media or email marketing can be applied to WhatsApp transmission lists. But make sure the customer wants to join your mailing list and receive this information.

As we have seen, WhatsApp is a very useful tool not only to serve customers, but also to increase sales and generate revenue in the hardware store.

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