Landing gear: how do I choose the best one for my operations?

The landing gear is an indispensable lifting device for anyone who handles heavy loads.

With it, it is possible to have more security and stability in the unloading processes, especially in severe conditions.

Their main application is in agricultural trailers, but they can also be used on mobile stages, platforms, and more.

Its importance is indisputable for different operations types, so it is essential to know how to choose the right product.

Next, learn more about the landing gear relevance, know what to prioritize in your purchase, and learn about the differentials that make Robustec your best option.

How does the correct landing gear choice affect operations productivity and safety?

Investing in a good landing gear is adding more safety and productivity to work routines, whether in the field or in industry.

That’s because its purpose is to ensure the ideal suspension for the vehicle during the unloading process.

In this way, when loads are removed, the weight does not affect the truck, trailer or implement’s balance, thus avoiding accidents and damage.

As the system is fixed under the trailer, it does not affect the operations flow in any way.

However, to guarantee your benefits, you need to know how to choose the ideal landing gear. Find out how below.

What should a good landing gear offer?

When purchasing your landing gear, carefully observe the quality standard and differentials offered by the manufacturer. In general, the best models are those that offer:

  • Perfect leveling;
  • Precise adjustments;
  • Different drive speeds;
  • Smooth and noise-free use;
  • Body in structural steel and high carbon content, for greater resistance and durability;
  • Top quality and resistant finish, preferably with electrolytic galvanization and epoxy powder paint;
  • Resistance even in the most severe conditions;
  • Various application possibilities.

With all these features in mind, discover below the factors that make Robustec the right choice when purchasing your landing gear.

Why use the Robustec’s landing gear?

In order to satisfy the most diverse needs and customer profiles, Robustec currently offers more than 20 landing gear models.

Regardless of the option you choose for your operation, all of our products are marked by a high manufacture quality, maximum resistance and durability, in addition to numerous differentials, including:

  • Two actuation speeds (one high to bring the foot closer to the ground and one low to safely suspend the load);
  • Simplified handling, with perfect leveling even on rough terrain, in addition to a precise and individual adjustment;
  • The devices are interchangeable with national and imported models, to ensure greater flexibility and agility;
  • Its use is smooth and silent, thanks to the use of self-lubricating bushings and bearings;
  • Ultra-resistant finish, with phosphorization, anticorrosive primer and epoxy paint;
  • High-carbon, structural steel body, high-strength rolled spindle and hardened gears for strength and service life;
  • Equipped with an extension and T-foot, which supports inclination in the drive direction, or with an extension and S-foot, which compensates for forward and backward inclinations;
  • High versatility, robustness and resistance to severe conditions, with other model options available according to applications and needs.

Do you want to know more about Robustec landing gears? Click here and check out all the information in our catalog.

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