More productivity in the field with the Evolution bulk dump body

The new solutions in road implements provide more efficiency, speed and economy to grains transportation, favoring the increase in productivity and losses reduction.

The Robustec Evolution bulk dump body was developed especially for the bulk products transportation, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats. In addition, it is also suitable for transporting materials on pallets, big bags or even implements.

In this article, we will introduce this new dump body differentials and explain how it can contribute to productivity in the field.

Learn how transportation contributes to field productivity

The greatest agricultural products losses occur precisely during the harvest transportation. According to the UN, 14% of food is lost between harvest and sale. During harvest time, it is easy to find grain falling from trucks strewn on the roads.

Grain transportation involves care, such as choosing a suitable dump body to transport the load. To avoid losses and increase productivity, you need robust equipment, with reinforced structures that bring innovation to your work processes.

In addition, the dump body must be able to adequately accommodate boxes, sacks and bales, so that the goods remain protected and organized throughout the journey. In addition, the dimensions, characteristics and load capacity of the vehicle are very important factors in the process.

Learn about the Evolution bulk dump body advantages

The Evolution bulk dump body has an innovative design, great resistance and superior quality. This new model has a reinforced structure, great performance, durability and factory warranty. Besides, you can also configure the dump body according to your job needs.

See the main Evolution features:

  • Suitable for bitruck (4 axles);
  • Central struts reinforced with external fitting;
  • Modern electric command design, mobile, with spiral cable, waterproof and with double safety device, with sound and light alert;
  • Floor built in ASTM A36 sheet steel, with full reinforced side flap;
  • Chassis built in closed U-profile steel;
  • On chassis built in closed A36 tube;
  • Side covers joined horizontally and with 4 reinforcing bars;
  • Double reinforcement between covers, ensuring sealing and greater resistance;
  • Double seal on the bottom cover when mobile;
  • Full tilting rear cover and side opening;
  • It has 4 security locks and 2 locks;

Know why this dump body is ideal for your truck

Robustec has a 5,000 m2 manufacturing area and a complete production line that develops customized solutions for each client. The company seeks to develop a dump body with the best structure for its use.

The engineering sector develops dump body designs according to each application. Suitable for your truck, Robustec dump bodies are manufactured under templates, ensuring quality, standardization, and high performance. From the components choice, structure, paint, to finishes, everything undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure the strength and durability you need.

Robustec has sales points and specialized technical assistance in all country regions. The company always looks for solutions in an agile and efficient way, in order to guarantee complete after-sales support to its customers.

As we have seen, the Evolution Bulk dump body offers high performance in grain transportation, thus contributing to higher productivity in the field.

Are you interested in the Evolution bulk dump body? Do you want to know more about this equipment? Access here!

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