New Robustec lifting line catalog

linha de elevação

Robustec has just released a special catalog exclusively for the load lifting line. They are high-quality products, developed for civil construction, industries (automotive, metallurgical, assembly) and ports. Click on the link below and see all the products:


See what you will find in the catalog

  • All the product models of the Robustec lifting line: slings, eyelets, protectors, shackles, links, rings and hooks;
  • Each product Descriptions and technical specifications;
  • Recommendations for use and label data;


Why buy Robustec lifting slings?

  • slings manufactured in accordance with regulatory standards, ensuring quality and proper operation;
  • Development Possibility: special products according to the customer’s needs;
  • Products tested in the laboratory, ensuring compliance with the specified capacity;
  • Technical support available: doubts clarification about use, recommendations and care;
  • Company that works within the standards established by the NBR 15637;


Download the catalog now and discover all the Robustec lifting line products.


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