Products for you to start reselling now in your hardware store

Produtos para voce comecar a revender agora na sua loja de ferragens

Faced with an increasingly competitive and demanding market, choosing the best products to resell at the hardware store is a growing demand in the segment.

If you work in the area and you want to make your offers more attractive to your costumers, take a look at some tips and information that we have selected to help you in this very important task.


Why it is so important to resell a good mix of products at the hardware store?

It is no exaggeration to say that the market has never been as competitive as it is today.

This is because, thanks to the wide spread of the Internet, people can now know absolutely all the details about the products they want to consume, and they also have access to different offers, price variations and differences between the available models.

To stand out from competitors and overcome the easiness offered by online stores throughout Brazil, it is up to hardware stores to strengthen the relationship with their customers and retain them.

In this sense, the mission is to make consumers feel safer in your store and to recognize that it is the ideal option to solve their problems and satisfy their daily needs.

At the end of the day, when you offer the ideal combination of products to resell in the hardware store and you are able to anticipate people’s demands, you make it easier for them to buy and safe their time or avoid them to bet their trust looking for other suppliers.

However, for this to be possible, it is essential to position yourself as a benchmark in your segment, offering the items that the market wants and needs the most, and specially working with manufacturers that are reference in the market.

Thus, you guarantee that the products sold always have the maximum effectiveness, quality and guarantee, avoiding frustrations with customers and having all the necessary assistance so that your business always anticipates with the best offers.

But what are the most suitable lines to offer in the area and which manufacturer to choose? Keep reading the article to find out.


What are the most suitable component lines to offer in the area?

When dealing with products for resale at the hardware store, we can deal with a multitude of items for the most diverse demands and customer profiles.

However, some lines are more competitive, offer better cost-benefit in sales and have more output among highly relevant consumers in the market.

Take a look at what these options are and know where to start to increase your store’s profits:

Produtos para voce comecar a revender agora na sua loja de ferragens

Load lashing

Used in the lifting and movement of the most diverse loads types, ratchet straps provide greater mobility, safety and firmness for operations, increasing their efficiency and optimizing their costs.

By working with this line of products for resale in the hardware store, more prominence is gained in segments such as civil construction, highways, automotive, port, metallurgical, among others.

Parking Jack

When small loads suspension is needed, the parking jacks are the most suitable options, resistant and with a better support pattern.

Those who sell them can serve all areas that work with vehicles such as trailers, planters, agricultural cars, sprinklers, etc.

Load Lifting

As their name implies, lifting straps provide more practicality, strength, safety and ease of handling for working with loads that need to be lifted.

They are widely used to optimize costs in the metallurgical, port, agricultural, poultry, automotive and civil construction industries, representing an excellent opportunity for those who sell them.

Poultry Line

Finally, our latest example of the best products to resell at the hardware store is aimed at opportunities in the poultry segment.

By selling solutions such as ratchets, winches and pulleys for moving curtains, drinkers and feeders, you help optimize your customers’ production and make them more loyal to your store.


Why become a Robustec representative?

If the excellence standard and the products combination from the best manufacturers is essential for the hardware stores competitiveness, Robustec is the ideal partner for your demands.

Since 2001, we have been a benchmark in the manufacture of ratchets, winches, pulleys, straps, among many other solutions for the most diverse sectors, occupying a leadership position in the main markets in which we operate.

With modern manufacturing processes, attention to the main global technical standards and a rigorous quality standard, we offer all the differentials you need to boost the results of your business and ensure the loyalty of your customers.

Besides working with all the lines mentioned in the article, we offer an even more complete mix of products so that you can satisfy the main needs and demands of the market.

Our products for resale at the hardware store have different prices for retailers and will certainly revolutionize the results of your store in the area. Click here to see the full catalog and here to fill out the form and become a representative.

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