Recycling machines: which are the most suitable?

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Having good recycling machines is essential to add more efficiency, safety and quality when handling loads.

After all, to be competitive, companies operating in these segments must offer an excellent logistics standard, and this is only possible with the right machinery.

But why is this equipment type so important and how to choose the best models for my operation? Find out below.

Why are good recycling machines important?

In order to transport recycled materials, the machines used must, first of all, offer the strength to withstand this load type.

This is because robust, high-capacity equipment adds more safety to operations, preventing operational failures and even accidents from compromising process progress.

In this sense, it is also important that workers have ease in operating the machinery, so that all demands are met in a fluid manner and without delays, and that they remain protected while working.

Finally, agility and versatility should be the rule in the segments, and this means that the machines need to meet the logistics needs with all the necessary speed, an also being able to fulfill multiple functions, according to the demands of each service.

With these requirements in mind, recycling companies can become more competitive, adding more quality to their services and preventing any setback from generating dissatisfied customers.

If “time is money”, this logic must also be added to efficiency, safety and quality of operations, and this is only possible with the use of the ideal machinery.

What must be taken into account when choosing the best equipment?

When it comes to recycling machines, the ideal solutions are in dump bodies and in Roll On Roll Off equipment and boxes, which allow the transport of the most varied materials types.

Dum Bodies are specially designed to transport heavy materials. In addition to the safety guaranteed by their high resistance and excellent operation standard, they also provide more flexibility to the loading and unloading processes, adding more quality to the entire logistics.

Roll On Roll Off equipment and boxes are also highly recommended for this segment, being highly recommended to operate as recycling machines.

Roll On equipment also adds a higher level of flexibility to operations, ensuring diverse material transport possibilities according to recycling needs.

With them, it is also possible to couple the equipment to the trucks according to the each operation needs, optimizing vehicles use and their viability for the company.

Through this machinery, it is possible to load, unload and dump everything that the processes require with greater agility and flexibility, in order to facilitate operation and optimize costs.

On average, the speed with which the load is loaded is only two minutes, and in less than eight minutes the equipment can transport different loads, simply by changing the bodywork type.

What are the Robustec’s differentials in this area?

Since 2001, Robustec has been a national benchmark in the manufacture of equipment for the most diverse operations types.

When choosing our recycling machines, you add the following differentials:

  • High resistance and efficiency;
  • Maximum safety during handling;
  • High load capacity;
  • High flow pump, which provides greater speed when loading and unloading;
  • Flexibility in handling, with the possibility of two control systems;
  • Roll On compatible with different trucks models;
  • High resistance steel reinforcement;
  • Assembly on weld gauges;
  • Excellent finish, with PU acrylic paint and lowered joint;
  • Tubular chassis, for a safer tipping;
  • Greater stability thanks to the fixation system using splints and staples;
  • Modern and advanced hydraulic system;
  • Various applications for all the recycling industries demands.

Now that you know which are the most recommended recycling machines for your operations, check out the best solutions in both areas. Click here to see our Roll On Roll Off equipment, here to see our Roll On box and here to see more details of our dump bodies.

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