Robustec celebrates 20 years

This Sunday (19) we celebrate the Robustec’s 20th anniversary. We have reached the two-decade milestone with great pride and satisfaction for the path we have followed so far. We were born from a dream planted at the beginning of this century, on September 19, 2001, in the city of Marau, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul. It was at kilometer 81 of the RS-324 highway where the factory started, with a reduced workforce – six employees – and only three machines: a press, a radial riveter and a welding machine.

The project did not take long to germinate. In February 2002, just five months after its inauguration, Robustec had already grown so much that its three founders, Amarildo Monteiro, Antônio Pasa Júnior and Leonardo Segatt, were forced to move their operations to a larger space. Later they settled in the São Cristóvão neighborhood, still in Marau.

Vila Maria: a new home for Robustec

With the constant growth of the production lines and the beginning of the first exports and imports, in the following years the partners began to plan the construction of their own headquarters that would adjust to the proportions of the large company that was taking shape at the time. The neighboring city, Vila Maria, located a few kilometers from Marau, was chosen to host the new headquarters.

Today we are the industry leader in the market

in our business segments

The construction of the current factory began in 2008 and the official handover of operations took place the following year. The new space and the growth of the lines accelerated the emergence of new investments. In 2011, we started our first load lifting straps line and, in 2012, we put our first road equipment on the market, such as dump trucks and roll on-roll off boxes. With the rise of the digital age, we wasted no time and launched our first e-commerce platform, starting Business to Consumer (B2C) sales in 2018.


Two decades of evolution

There are twenty years of history – and stories – that mark a trajectory of constant growth, development and transformation. Today, we are market leaders in our segments, seeking innovative solutions and developing excellent products for our customers in the poultry, agricultural, nautical and road sectors.

For Antônio Pasa Júnior, one of our founding partners, Robustec’s next steps are very clear. “The idea is for the company to continue to develop in various markets, various segments, and provide opportunities for other people to evolve, grow and achieve their goals, always in a profitable and sustainable way,” he says.

The vast experience acquired during these two decades of evolution is the key to the success and consolidation of the company, according to Leonardo Segatt, also founder of the factory. “[We] know the structure of the steel, we know iron. This gave our company strength and, today, it is Robustec’s strongest point”.

“Working at Robustec,

I felt more important outside. “

– Giovana Becker

Building great professionals

In addition, our factory has established itself as a fertile ground for the emergence of great professionals, such as Giovana Becker, sales assistant, who sees his trajectory in the company as a changing point. “Working at Robustec, I felt more important outside. After starting to work here, I took on more responsibilities and found myself in my profession as a salesperson” says Giovana.

The spirit of creation, innovation and development driven by the company also allowed Jonatas Casanova, External Sales representative, to achieve personal and professional goals. “The company contributed to my professional training, giving me the opportunity for new challenges within the organization,” he explains.

For the employee Fábio Endrigo, project coordinator at the factory, Robustec was a place of learning. “Robustec contributed by giving me a vote of confidence, betting on my work, in which I was able to take on new positions, new challenges. What most motivates me to work at Robustec is the world of opportunities that the company offers us”.

“Our dream is to grow, transform and be an organization that provides growth to people” – Amarildo Monteiro

Evolution continues

The last few years have been no less exciting for our company. In 2019, we opened our first branch outside of Rio Grande do Sul, in Campinas, São Paulo. In addition, in 2020 the expansion works of the Vila Maria headquarters began. From the business that started in 2001 with just six employees, Robustec already has around 200 professionals today, each of them playing an important role in this collective growth trajectory.

“Our dream is to grow, transform and be an organization that provides growth to the people who are with us,” says founding partner Amarildo Monteiro. We believe in the strength of this dream, in the leadership of our professionals and in the collective spirit that drives our teams to bring quality and excellence to all our clients year after year. To all the people who made, are and will be part of our trajectory, we express our gratitude. Thank you, very much, and long life to Robustec!


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