Roll On Roll Off equipment benefits in agriculture

Roll On Roll Off equipment can optimize work, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in agriculture. They allow to optimize the transport of the most diverse cargo types with agility and practicality, allowing a wide flexibility in logistics and reducing costs.

With this in mind, we have prepared this content so that you can understand all the benefits of our Roll On Roll Off equipment. Check it out!

Understanding how the Roll On Roll Off system works

The English term Roll On Roll Off (rolling in, rolling out) refers to bodyworks and dump trucks transported by truck or tractor trailer whose load enter and leave by its own means, using a wheeled chassis moved by a hydraulic drive system.

With this technology it is possible to load, tilt, couple and uncouple the most diverse materials with agility, flexibility in handling and easy operation.

Due to its simple and quick system for removing and replacing accessories, the Roll On Roll Off system allows the use of the same truck for different utilities and applications. In this way, it prevents the vehicles from being idle for a long time, waiting for the load.

The main advantage of the Roll On Roll Off mechanism is the speed with which the cargo is loaded on the truck or tractor, around only two minutes. In less than eight minutes, this equipment can transport a different load type, simply by changing the bodywork type.

See the Roll On Roll Off equipment benefits in agriculture

This equipment has many benefits for agriculture:

  • High technology, practicality and autonomy;
  • Safety and agility in the operation;
  • Fast cargo upload and download;
  • Sliding tower operating system;
  • 25-ton load capacity;
  • High flow pump, which provides greater agility in the loading and unloading process;
  • Fixation system using clips and clamps, ensuring greater stability;
  • Lowered articulation;
  • Tubular chassis for a safer tipping;
  • Modern design, with lowered articulation and PU acrylic paint;
  • Seven mechanical locks and one pneumatic;
  • Two control systems, internal inside the cabin and external;
  • Standard model for ¾ trucks and elongated model for 8×4 trucks;
  • Modern and safe hydraulic system.

By using this implement, it is possible to easily load and unload almost all the merchandise that can be placed on a truck chassis. This equipment offers greater agility and practicality to vehicles, providing greater flexibility in logistics and cost reduction.

With versions for installation in trucks from ¾ to 8×4 trucks, the equipment guarantees the ideal weight distribution in the vehicle, adding a complete hydraulic actuation and tilting system that facilitates the loading and unloading during operations.

With a modern and highly reinforced design, the Roll On Roll Off has control systems in the driver’s cabin and outside the equipment that allow the loads handling according to each operation needs.

Discover the Robustec implements line

Robustec has a full Roll On Roll Off equipment and road implements line, such as dump trucks and metallic dry-load bodyworks.

Mounted directly on the truck chassis, these devices are compact and offer safety and robustness in the most varied applications, optimizing performance and reducing costs.

Very robust and extremely resistant, the Roll On Roll Off Robustec equipment is designed to support up to 25 tons. Very versatile, they can be used in the most diverse applications and in segments such as agriculture, scrap metal and recycling.

With these implements you save time loading and unloading and optimize the vehicle use, which is less idle and can transport different materials types, depending on your needs. In this way, the speed with which the cargo is loaded into the truck decreases and you can transport a different load, simply by changing the bodywork type.

In addition to optimizing the vehicles use, this equipment also reduces the workers number required in the production process. So, you no longer have to rely on three or four employees working on your old equipment. A single operator will be able to get the job done and can multitask much more efficiently and economically.


Transport multiple dump trucks with one equipment.

The boxes and dump trucks adapt to the most diverse situations and are used to transport loads such as grains, equipment, building materials, dry loads and various other materials.

Therefore, the Roll On Roll Off technology helps to optimize the machines use, increase safety and productivity, reduce labor use and reduce costs.

Did you like this article? Do you want to know more about our Roll On Roll Off equipment? Watch this video and discover all its advantages.

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