The 50 best phrases on truck bumpers

frases de para-choque de caminhão

Many truckers have phrases on their truck bumper to bring inspiration, motivation, reflection, and fun to anyone who shares the road with them. These messages reveal a lot about popular wisdom as well as the personality of truck drivers. They help to humanize the work of these professionals and, also, make the trip more interesting for those who pass by.

While traveling long hours on hitchhiking, the truck driver is focused on the work he needs to do, but he also has plenty of time to think about life, family, love, values ​​, and beliefs he carries with him. Therefore, the phrase on the truck’s bumper allows him to share these thoughts with others on the road.

See what the different types of phrases are

Each trucker has at least one phrase with which to identify. Some of them have become well known and traditional; however, others are more original. Truckers’ hard work on the roads certainly becomes lighter and more meaningful with them.

The phrases can be reflective, political, religious, motivational, or humorous. Next, we will present a selection with some of the best expressions on truck bumpers.

Meet 50 of the best phrases on truck bumpers


  1. Never give up. The road is long, but the victory is certain.
  2. We tip over, but ain’t no break.
  3. Happiness is not a destination, but a way to travel.
  4. On the rise, patience, but going down, excuse me.
  5. Always fight, Win sometimes, Never give up.


  1. Fortune makes friends, but misfortune proves whether they really exist.
  2. The biggest traffic law is our education.
  3. For those who have nothing, half is double.
  4. Things can get worse, you’re the one with no imagination!
  5. Who waits, always tires…
  6. Slowly you go far – in a hurry too, only faster!
  7. There are several ways to be annoying, but the annoying always chooses the worst.
  8. If time were money, then my watch would be a millionaire!
  9. There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when both are in love.
  10. The less men think, the more they talk.
  11. Don’t honk, wake up earlier.


  1. I am not the owner of the world, but I am his son.
  2. On God’s duty.
  3. While there is life, there is hope.
  4. The Lord is my shepherd, and I will lack nothing.
  5. No one will love me the way Jesus loves me.
  6. This vehicle is tracked by God.
  7. Everything suffers, everything believes, everything hopes, everything supports.
  8. If God is for us, then who will be against?
  9. My headlights illuminate the road, but God lights my way.
  10. Driven by me, guided by God.
  11. Faith in God and pé na tábua (step on it/ pedal to the metal/ hit the gas).
  12. God is a jewel; the rest is bijouterie.


  1. The danger is not a horse on the track, but a donkey in the wheel.
  2. Love is a dream… but marriage is the alarm clock.
  3. I married Maria, but I travel with Mercedes.
  4. If you ever speak ill of me, call me, because I know terrible things about me.
  5. If marriage were good, it wouldn’t need witnesses.
  6. Better to be late in this world than early in the next.
  7. Hope and mother-in-law are the last to die.
  8. Vehicle monitored by gossipmonger neighbors.
  9. The mother calls me a dog, but her daughter calls me a cat.
  10. I never slept with ugly women, but I woke up with them several times.
  11. It is not the fence that holds the ox in the pasture, but the grass that it eats.
  12. I’m not Silvio Santos, but I live from the chest.
  13. Happy was Adam, who had no mother-in-law or truck.
  14. Who does not take risks is because they don’t have a pen.


  1. In the deck of life, I finally lost to a queen.
  2. It’s not hurry, but longing.
  3. I travel because I like it. I come back because I love you.
  4. The light of your eyes illuminates my path.
  5. I love life because, in life, someone loves me.
  6. I travel the world, and walk home!
  7. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
  8. I’m not a king, but I like the crown.

So we reached the end of our list. If you know any interesting phrases, then share it with us in the field below and continue reading our blog.

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