Trucker app: The main apps for routine on the road

aplicativo para caminhoneiro

Smartphones put the technology in the palm of your hand and also took it on the road. There are already apps for truckers very useful and able to help drivers in their daily activities. The apps bring features such as locating the best routes, calculating distances, finding gas stations, and the best fuel prices, locating workshops, among many other features.

1. Sontra Cargo

The first application for truckers that we recommend is the Sontra Cargo, with which you can find freight easily. The customer informs basic data, such as the size of the cargo, and the location of origin, the destination, the type of truck and body necessary for the transportation. Then, more than 100 thousand registered truck drivers can offer to carry out the freight. The application is free.

2. Google Maps

aplicativo para caminhoneiro

Google Maps is known as one of the best apps for identifying directions. It works on any cell phone and can be used as a GPS. Just enter the details of origin and destination, and Google Maps will check routes and distances between two or more points, identify the shortest route, and give you directions to get there. Recently, the app has gained new functions and receives traffic information, working in a way almost similar to Waze.

3. Waze

Waze is a GPS navigation tool with collaborative features updated in real-time. It works based on information released by the drivers themselves, who unite in search of the best routes to escape traffic. The application brings information about accidents, road works, and police raids or mobile radars. With this, the truck driver can avoid delays or inconvenience on the way.

4. AccuWeather

This weather forecast application uses the smartphone’s GPS to indicate the local weather forecast. With it, whoever is going on the road can get very accurate information about the climatic conditions they will have to face.

5. Gasspass – Fuel Pricing

aplicativo para caminhoneiro

Often, the driver has to spend a lot of time looking for a gas station, and then he still has to pay dearly for fuel. To solve this problem, this application has the function of indicating the location of gas stations in the vicinity. For this, it uses the smartphone’s GPS feature. Also, the app provides information on the price charged at each station.

6. SOS Motors

When you want to find auto repair shops, auto parts stores, body shops, wheel and tire stores, alignment / balancing services, among others, SOS Motors (Android) is the app for you. It searches for establishments by proximity and anywhere in the country, presenting the list by categories and integration with map and resource on how to get to the destination.

7. Iveco Brasil

This free application allows the driver to define the best route to his destination, calculate what will be spent on fuel for that route, locate gas stations, know the toll amount, among other useful resources.

aplicativo para caminhoneiro

8. SmallSpend

Daily spending on the roads needs to be well controlled; otherwise, they can get to the point of indebting the driver. With that in mind, SmallSpend was created, the perfect application to control spending on meals, snacks, coffee, supplies, and any other expenses. The app displays comparative tables and graphs that allow easy viewing of expenditures and presents possible savings options.

9. uCar

This application makes it possible to monitor all expenses with maintenance and supply of the truck. With a simple-to-use interface, this app allows you to view the average fuel consumption, costs with overhauls or maintenance, and also presents the user with the nearest gas station.

10. Drive Awake                      

This app has the important function of helping to keep the driver awake on the road. It should be placed in a position where the smartphone’s camera can detect the driver’s face. If the camera identifies signs of drowsiness, the application will trigger an alarm.

As you can see, apps are very useful on the road and can make your trip more efficient, productive, and safe. But remember that using your cell phone while driving is prohibited and dangerous. So, leave it to use the trucker app when you’re not behind the wheel.

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