Why buy the Robustec Roll On Roll Off equipment?


The Robustec Roll On Roll Off equipment is the best solution on the market for those who need to guarantee more practicality, agility and safety when loading and unloading materials on trucks.

With an exclusive articulation system, capable of supporting a greater load capacity with less working pressure, our technology differs from the others by satisfying the most varied needs of companies.

There are several models available on the market, but to guarantee greater efficiency and the best cost-benefit ratio, it is essential to know all the possibilities offered by the equipment and how they adapt to each operation.

Next, find out which are the most important precautions when purchasing your Roll On Roll Off Equipment and the differentials that Robustec adds in every detail of its solutions!

What should be considered when buying a Roll On Roll Off equipment?

To choose the ideal Roll On Roll Off Equipment for your company, many points must be considered.

As we will address in the following items, the elements that make up the equipment and the differentials contained in each of them are decisive, as well as the manufacturing standards and the benefits offered by the manufacturer.

At first, however, some basic cares should be observed in relation to the basic machinery characteristics and its adequacy to the business operations demands. They Are:

  • The load capacity, which must be aligned with the average weight of the items moved;
  • Adequate support legs system, which stabilizes the truck, reducing the elevation degree and efforts on the chassis;
  • Safe and comfortable drive system.
  • The structure and assistance provided by the manufacturer, which are decisive to guarantee greater practicality and savings in maintenance;
  • The manufacturing processes, which are directly related to the final quality of the equipment;
  • Compliance with manufacturing standards and resolutions, so that the product is efficient, safe and does not cause inspection problems.

After paying attention to these points, it’s time to look at the items that will be part of your Roll On Roll Off equipment. See the best ones below!

How to know if the equipment items are the ideal? 

For the Roll On Roll Off Equipment chosen by your company to be really the most suitable for your demands, the ideal is to observe the characteristics of certain items.

See the main items and their best differentials that are part of the options offered by Robustec:

  • Sliding tower with wear plate, high-strength steel, hook fixing pins, double beam and tilting chassis, which increase the durability, stability, safety and resistance in the equipment;
  • 9.52 mm Z-shaped rigid profile on chassis, with support over the side of the truck for uniform load distribution;
  • Safety lock with 7 mechanical locks and 1 pneumatic lock, for safe operations and truck stability;
  • Locking system on the 3rd axle, which reduces the risk of overturned, improves performance, reduces chassis maintenance and eventual suspensions;
  • Hydraulic system with high pressure hoses, which facilitate their replacement, speed up operations and increase the useful life of the control oil, valves, pump and cylinders;
  • Retractable bumper, which can be easily removed in case of maintenance or replacement;
  • Tower barrel with high-strength steel, reinforcement ring and design with anti-twist technology;
  • Paint on an anticorrosive base and finished in Acrylic PU, which provides greater shine and durability with a superior finish;
  • Side protector in a tube shape, which prevents water infiltration;
  • Signaling kit with LED signs and reinforced electrical harness;
  • Accessories such as a toolbox and a water tank, which help and facilitate small emergencies resolution.

Now that you know the main items and differentials that should be part of your equipment, learn more about the benefits that make Robustec a benchmark in the field!


Why choose Robustec?

With the ideal items for your equipment in mind, as well as the unique characteristics that improve its quality and performance, the next step is to observe its manufacturing standards.

A good Roll On Roll Off Equipment is one made by means of meticulous production processes and oriented to fundamental technical characteristics, such as fixing means, tipping angle, rear support rollers, among others.

Robustec, beside adding more excellence to its equipment through the differentials present in the items mentioned above, also values ​​different manufacturing procedures and exclusive technologies.

As if that were not enough, our differentials go even further, and include full technical and after-sales assistance, as well as exclusive safety valves, “G” lifting hook, compatibility with other brands and greater working pressure.

Do you want to know even more about our item’s advantages, the care in our manufacturing processes and many other decisive differentials for your Roll On Roll Off Equipment? Then see our complete e-book on the topic right now!

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