Why use the Robustec roll-on box

Robustec has a complete line of roll-on roll-off boxes that meet the needs of the most diverse segments, such as agriculture, recycling, scrap metal and wood waste. Steel made, they are resistant and provide effective, safe and fast movements, thus guaranteeing operational efficiency.

The universal roll on – roll off base is designed to attach accessories to the roll-on equipment. This base has different lengths and fits any roll-on model.

In this article, we will explain the features and benefits of the Robustec’s roll-on boxes.

Agricultural roll-on box

The agricultural roll-on roll-off box has fixed or lidded sides. Their lengths and heights meet the needs of rural producers and respect load limits.

This equipment accelerates the harvest, multiplying the transport capacity with the same truck.

Structured load box with wide and reinforced ribs

Another differentiated equipment is the ribbed roll on-roll off box for the transport of waste and various materials. Its cargo box is structured by wider and reinforced ribs, designed to guarantee greater resistance and solidity. It is widely used by recycling, scrap, and waste companies, among others.

Made of structural steel, it has a security lock to open its doors from the side and wheels with special widths to avoid damaging the floors.

In addition to having stronger ribs, this roll-on box has reinforcing beams in the floor, placed at points that ensure greater strength to the floor.

Know the roll-on boxes characteristics

The Robustec roll-on roll-off box has several differentials, which will help you to decide when choosing:

  1. Chassis built in laminated U-profile with internal reinforcements, which guarantees greater resistance, durability, useful life and safety for operations. This type of material also prevents crushing, deformations and cracks in the chassis.
  2. The Robustec roll-on box is made in templates, which guarantees accurate measurements. With this process, the welds are carried out in the ideal position, in a standardized way, which guarantees greater resistance at the welded points. In addition, it makes the box more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. 3. This equipment has a tilting rear door with side opening. Its structure is made of tube, which ensures better drafting and resistance, lightening the door.
  4. It has five locks that guarantee total safety during transportation.
  5. The Robustec roll-on boxes have PU paint and are painted in the color requested by the customer. The painting process is carried out and supervised by highly qualified technicians to ensure better quality and performance.
  6. All products are painted with an anticorrosive base and later with an external finish in PU paint. This ensures a higher gloss, durability and a better finish.

Robustec’s roll-on roll-off boxes also come with some options, which help in various operations:

  • Discharge nozzle;
  • Waves Breakers;
  • tarp bows;
  • tarp.

All Robustec products comply with Contran standards and resolutions. The roll-on box complies with all measurements, signs and specifications required by traffic regulations.

In addition, it has a traceability seal, load indication and product serial number. In this way, it is possible to guarantee greater security and peace of mind to your customers.

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