Lifting Straps

Accessories and straps for lifting loads produced according to ABNT NBR 15637-1. Get to know the models.

Load lifting slings are used for lifting and moving loads in a safe and practical way. Also known as simply Slings they offer high strength, ease of handling and ensure safety and efficiency in operations, while also reducing the costs involved.

Multiple applications.

The Robustec load lifting slings are used in a wide range of segments, including civil construction and the automotive, metallurgical and harbor industries, as well as in the agricultural and poultry sectors.

Resistant material

Made of 100% polyester material, the Robustec load lift slings are available in Sling, Ring, Flat and Drag and can be made according to customer's needs.

Safety and convenience

The use of proven resistant equipment guarantees the safety in the lifting tasks of loads, ensuring the efficiency of the whole process. Practical and of easy handling, these equipment facilitate the day-to-day work and ensure the safety of the products and people involved in the operations.

Compliance with safety standards

The Robustec lift slings are produced in accordance with safety standard ABNT NBR 15637-1, which specifies the required capacity and strength criteria for these products. In addition, the use of these equipment follows the Regulatory Norm NR 11, of the Ministry of Labor, created to reduce the number of accidents in cargo handling operations.

Multiple capacities

Available in multiple capacities, the load lift slings can be sold in different models, according to the specific needs of each customer. They go perfectly with accessories such as road, nautical and agricultural ratchets, jack stands, winch cables and fixers to attach ropes to steel cables.

Many mounting options

Each model offers many mounting options, which should be suitable for each application. The capacity and safety factor are specified on the belts' labels.


ABNT NBR 15637-1 Safety standard (capacity and resistance). NR 11 Regulatory Norm of the Ministry of Labor Strict quality standard.


High resistance. Easy handling. High lifting capacity. Varied applications and capabilities. Multiple mounting options. Compliance with safety standards 100% Polyester material. Eye protected at the ends Resistant to bad weather and abrasive wear. Complete accessories line.