Lifting Accessories

Lifting Strat Protection


To ensure safety and mobility in lifting loads, Robustec offers a complete line of lifting accessories, such as leather or polyester protections, used to prevent strap damages when in contact with abrasive or sharp materials.

Protection against abrasive materials

The protections along the strap section should be used whenever it comes in contact with abrasive or cutting material in order to avoid further damage to it. Made from very strong materials such as leather and polyester, these protectors offer greater safety, durability and efficiency for operations.

Leather protection

The leather protection for the lifting strap is a glove in leather indicated to protect the lifting strap in contact with sharp corners and abrasive or sharp materials in order to avoid damage to the equipment.

100% Polyester materials

The lifting strap protection is a glove in 100% polyester material, indicated to protect the strap against abrasive or sharp materials, in order to avoid damages caused during use.

Compliance with safety standards

Robustec accessories and equipment comply with the safety and risk factor requirements according to safety regulations in order to avoid accidents and optimize results throughout the process. All Robustec´s accessories and straps for lifting are produced in accordance with ABNT NBR 15637-1 safety standards. In addition, such equipment is in accordance with the standards established by ISO 9001:2008.

Multiple models

Made of 100% polyester material, with high technology and resistance, the Robustec lifting straps are available in Sling, Ring, Flat and Grab models, and can be tailor-made according to customer needs.

Clear label information

Robustec lifting belts are easily deferred through their identification by color and label, which give information about the maximum working load (MWL), date of manufacture, length, recommendations for use (back), safety factor, forms of use and technical standard.


Compliance with ABNT NBR 15637 safety standards. Produced according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.


Resistant to abrasive materials. Leather protection. 100% Polyester materials. Convenience and safety. Compliance with safety standards. Multiple models. Clear label information. Long service life. Easy handling. Safety and strength.