The lifting slings, used for lifting and moving loads, offer greater practicality and safety for operations. Very resistant and simple to handle, they make every day work easier and guarantee the safety of the products and the people involved with the work.

Multiple applications

Also known as slings, this Robustec lifting equipment is suitable for lifting and moving loads in different segments, with emphasis on civil construction and the automotive, metallurgical, harbor and vehicle industries.

Resistant material

Made of 100% polyester material, high technology and resistance, these products are available in Sling, Ring, Flat and Grab models, and can be made according to customers' needs.

Safety above normal capacity

The sling model has a safety factor five times greater than their own capacity.

Double or quadruple layers.

Resistant and easy to handle, they have end protected eye and can be made in double or quadruple layers, ensuring an excellent life. In special cases, it is possible to adjust the eye according to its function.

Eyes with different protections.

The eye are usually coated with polyester protections, however, these protections may also be made with other materials, such as leather. The use of protections along the section of the lifting sling is indicated whenever it comes into contact with any abrasive or cutting materials in order to avoid further damage to it. Circular or flat rings Now, the ring lift slings have a ring circular shape (when closed). Their circular shape allows changes in the strap movement to each use, alternating the points of contact, thus dividing the wear and increasing the product's durability. The Flat lift slings are flat with ring on the ends. Of high resistance and simple handling, they are identified by their color and label.

Models with hooks

The grab lift slings are flat and with hooks on the ends. Available with one, two, three or four legs, they are generally used for lifting loads with a split of one to four hooks, which converge into a single ring at its ends.

Thermally treated hooks

The lifting sling hooks are forged, heat-treated and subsequently painted, thus ensuring resistance to weather conditions in the lifting assemblies.

Compliance with safety standards

All Robustec lifting slings have a 4:1 safety factor and are ensured by ABNT NBR 15637-1. In addition, such equipment is in accordance with the standards established by ISO 9001:2008. Robustec lifting slings are easily deferred through their identification by color and label, which give information about the maximum working load (MWL), date of manufacture, length, recommendations for use (back), safety factor, forms of use and technical standard.


Compliance to ABNT NBR 15637-1 standard. Compliance to ISO 9001:2008.


Easy handling. Multiple applications. Resistant materials Eye coated on the ends. Circular or flat rings. Models with hooks. Thermally treated hooks. Resistant to bad weather. Long service life. Convenience and safety.