Nautical Line

Ensures the best performance on board. Get to know the models.

To enjoy the ride and work on the water, it is necessary to count on products and accessories that guarantee the best performance while on board. A variety of nautical equipment, such as tie down and drag straps, ratchets and parking jacks, are available in different assemblies and capacities, according to the application and the specific clamping and handling needs of each customer.

Complete line of nautical products

Robustec also has a complete line of hand winches, wheel parking jacks, straps and parking jacks  for nautical activities, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. The company's products are carefully developed, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each customer and seeking to ensure the best performance while on board.

Multiple application options

The nautical hand winches are used to drag boats, speedboats, jet-ski and other marine equipment. Developed with high quality raw material, they are available in different models and capacities, and can be used with tape or steel cable.

Resistant to bad weather.

The finish of the hand winches and accessories uses electro-galvanized and/or epoxy paint powder, which protects against bad weather and aggressive environments, providing greater safety and durability to the product. In addition, all major parts of the hand winches, such as the gears, receive heat and stainless treatment for a longer service life.

Resistant materials

The straps are 100% polyester and chemically treated for less water absorption and also to make them suitable for weathering and suitable for use at sea.

Made in materials suitable for the sea

The products follow safety standards for practical and safe use in water, with seams, chemical treatments, and painting to ensure maximum quality and strength. Inmetro certified, the straps are available in different sizes.

Parking Jacks for trailers

Indicated for nautical trailers, the parking jacks are used to facilitate lifting and moving the load. Corrosion resistant, they are developed with high quality materials and suitable for use at sea. The Nautical Parking Jack Kit can be used to attach the jacks.


Certified by Inmetro. Compliance with safety standards Safe use in water.


Complete product line. Multiple application options. Raw materials suitable for the sea. Resistant to bad weather. Chemical treatment. Special seams. 100% polyester straps. Electrolytic and epoxy paint finishing. Heat and stainless steel treatment. Resistant to corrosion.