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Nautical Accessories

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Robustec has a nautical products accessories line, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. Designed to be used with nautical hand winches of different capacities, it can be used to drag boats, jet-ski, yachts and other marine equipment, Robustec nautical tie down straps offer several mounting options, according to the application and the specific needs of fastening loads of every customer.

Tie down nautical straps

The Robustec Strap with Moto hook  is a nautical tie down strap used with nautical ratchet for tying and hauling marine equipment. Produced with 100% Polyester materials, it is available in different sizes.

Chemically and thermal treatment

The nautical tie down strap with Moto hook is chemically treated for less water absorption. It also receives heat treatment, as required, which makes it suitable to resist the bad weather and to be used at sea.

Compliance with safety standards

The Robustec Tie Down Straps guarantee practicality and safety of your load, avoiding toppling during transportation. These products follow safety standards for practical and safe use, with black seams to indicate their capacity. The capacity and safety factor are specified on the straps' labels.

Resistance to varying temperatures

With a capacity of 1,000 kg, the nautical tie down Moto Hook Strap has a width of 50 mm, a safety factor of 2:1, certification of Inmetro and supports working temperatures between -40 °C and +100 °C.

Complete accessories line

The Robustec Nautical accessories line also has a Fixing Kit Nautical Jack, indicated for fixing the nautical parking jack. The Parking Jack Fixing Kit contains 4 3/8' washers, 4 5/16' nuts, 4 5/16' screws and 2 painted plates.

Compliance with technical requirements.

These products have resistance to corrosion and can be used at sea. In addition, Robustec Nautical Line equipment complies with all technical requirements and meets customers needs.

Produced according to the standards

They are produced according to the EN 12195-2 reference standards, which deals with the safety requirements for lashing, and ABNT 15883-2, which determines the minimum safety requirements for use and testing of lashing materials.

Nautical line equipment

Robustec also has a complete line of hand winches, support wheels, straps and jacks for nautical activities, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. The company's products are carefully developed, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each client.


Certified by Inmetro. Produced according to EN 12195-2 reference standards. ABNT 15883-2 Safety standards.


Resistant to temperatures of -40 ºC and +100 ºC Compliance with safety standards 100% Polyester material. Chemically and thermal treatment. Resistant to bad sea weather. Resistant to corrosion. Multiple applications. Complete accessories line. Compliance with safety standards Suitability to technical requirements.