Robustec has a complete line parking jacks for nautical activities, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. The parking jacks facilitate the lifting and handling of loads and are suitable for nautical trailers. Resistant to corrosion, these equipment are developed with high quality raw materials and appropriate to bear the bad weather of the sea.

Variety of models

The Robustec nautical parking jacks are available in different models and sizes, and can also be manufactured to customers' specifications and needs. Easy to operate, they offer two drive modes for convenience and comfort during handling.

Multiple application options

The wheel parking jack with side or top drive are lifting equipments with side drive and wheel base, allowing a lift of 4 mm around the crank. These equipments  are used in small loads, such as small trucks, boats and jet-skis, facilitating their movement. With a capacity of 150 kg, they have a wheel base, a fixing sleeve with rotating plate and its drive is made with a side crank, with the option of being galvanized or not.

Greater protection to bad weather

These equipments are designed and produced to ensure high quality and robustness, so as to withstand jobs in harsh conditions such as the ones faced at the sea. The pieces' finish is done in powder epoxy paint and electrolytic galvanizing, which ensures greater protection during exposure to aggressive environments.

Compliance with safety standards

In addition, such equipment meets all technical requirements and the diverse needs of customers. Nautical Line equipment is also produced in accordance with the EN 12195-2 reference standards, which deals with the safety requirements for tie down materials, and ABNT 15883-2, that determines the minimum safety requirements for use and testing of tying materials.

Complete line of nautical products

Robustec also has a complete line of ratchets, wheel parking jacks, straps and parking jacks for nautical activities, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. The company's products are carefully developed, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each client.


Compliance with EN 12195-2 safety standards. Produced according to ABNT 15883-2 standards.


Corrosion resistant. Produced with quality materials. Resistant to sea weather. Variety of models. Easy operation and handling. Multiple applications. Epoxy powder paint. Electrolytic zinc coating. Compliance with safety standards Longer durability.