Poultry Line

Work in the field and in the poultry gains a reinforcement of weight with Robustec Poultry Line

The work in the field and in poultry farming gains a major reinforcement with Robustec's Poultry Line, which brings solutions such as winches, hand winches, and pulleys for moving curtains, drinkers, and feeders in aviaries. The company also has a complete line of poultry accessories developed to facilitate the application of winches and hand winches.  

Application in the field

Robustec hand winches are used for traction and load suspension, such as drinkers, feeders, curtains, poultry line lining and agricultural implements line. The use of proven resistant equipment, such as those of the Robustec Poultry Line, optimizes production and ensures the safety and quality of the entire process.  

Hand winches with friction locking system

The hand winches offer a friction locking system, which automatically locks the handle when it is released, whether for pulling, suspending or releasing loads. Available in various load capacities, they serve a wide range of applications, according to each customer's needs.  

Safer winches

Robustec winches were developed to suspend automatic feeder lines. Manufactured according to a rigorous quality standard, they stand out for their robustness and durability. The company also produces models for drinkers, load suspension in general, and motorized winches of various capacities.  

Protection angainst bad weather and aggressive environments

The finishing of the winches, hand winches, and accessories is done using electrolytic zinc plating and/or epoxy powder painting to provide greater protection against the weather and aggressive environments, and greater durability.

Termic treatment

In addition, all of the main parts of the winches and hand wimches in the Poultry Line, such as the gears, receive heat treatment for a longer useful life.

Complete line of accessories

Robustec also has a wide range of poultry accessories, among which we highlight the supports to fix hand winches, winch drive cable (used for winch performance), steel cable fixer for attaching ropes to steel cable, fixer kit, electric driver and also pulleys of various models and capacities


Strict quality standard. Adequacy to safety standards.


Robustness and durability. Various load capacities. Great diversity of applications. Friction locking system. Reinforced bearings. Finishing with electrolytic zincating and epoxy paint. Thermal treatment. Resistant to aggressive environments. Long service life. Wide range of accessories.