Hand Winches

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Hand Winches

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Hand Winches

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Hand Winches

Poultry Hand Winch 1015 Left



The poultry hand winches are suitable for handling, suspension and traction of loads such as curtains, drinker, feeders, poultry line lining and agricultural line implements. They are available in multiple capacities and have friction locking system, which automatically locks the cable when it is loose, in the traction, suspension or release of loads.

Multiple applications

The right or left poultry hand winches are used for handling, suspension and traction of loads such as curtains, poultry drinkers and feeders. Available in multiple load capacities, they can be used for a wide range of applications, according to the needs of each customer. The poultry hand winch for feeder is used to the collective regulation of the automatic feeders. And wire stretcher ratchets (with 12 Units) are used to build fences and to stretch straight wires.

Multiple capacities and diameters

The poultry hand winches are available in different diameters and have different capacities: 100 kg, 300 kg, 380 kg, 540 kg, 450 kg, 900 kg and 1,100 kg.

Longer durability

The finish of the winches, hand winches and accessories is done with the use of electrolytic galvanizing and/or epoxy paint powder, to provide greater protection against the harsh and aggressive environments and also to bring a greater durability for the product. In addition, all major parts of the winches and hand winches of the Poutry Line, such as gears, receive heat treatment for a longer service life.

Durability and safety

The use of attested equipment, such as the Robustec Agricultural line products, optimizes production and guarantees the safety and quality through the whole process. The company also produces models for drinkers, general load suspension and motorized winches of multiple capacities.

Complete accessories line

Robustec also has a wide range of poultry accessories, among which stand out the brackets to fix hand winches, winch drive cable, steel cable fixer for attaching ropes to steel cable, Fixer Kit, electric drive and also pulleys of various models and capabilities.


Suitability to technical requirements. Strict quality standard.


Multiple capacities and diameters. Multiple applications. Electrolytic and epoxy paint finishing. Complete accessories line. Attested durability. Quality and safety Longer durability. Protection against bad weather. Automatic locking by friction. Thermal treatment.