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Electric Driver


Poultry Accessories

Hand Winch Handle Model 1015S



Poultry Accessories

Drive Cable for Winch 11 ft



Poultry Accessories

Swivel Set with Steel cable



Poultry Accessories

Swivel Set with Strap


Poultry Accessories

Curtain Suspension Set



Poultry Accessories

Curtain Fixer Kit


Poultry Accessories

Fixing Bracket in L for Hand Winches



Poultry Accessories

Fixing Bracket in L to fix Hand Winches



Poultry Accessories

Fixing Bracket in Z for Hand Winches



Poultry Accessories

Fixing Bracket for Hand Winches



Robustec has a complete line of poultry accessories developed to facilitate the application winches and hand winches, such as brackets to fix hand winches, winch drive cable, curtain hangers, fixing kits and tie down straps of various models and capacities.

Electric driver

The electric driver was designed specially to facilitate the handling of feed lines in aviaries, minimizing human effort. The hand winch cable model 1015 S is used for turning hand winches on. And the 3.5 MT winch driving cable is used for  turning on manually winches. The curtain hanger assembly is indicated for the elevation of curtain motors and multiple lifting applications that require a swivel hook. It has the capacity to support 1.5 tons and 50 mm wide.

Adjustable fixers

The Curtain Fixing Kit has its application in curtain systems for poultry houses. The fixing bracket in L for hand winches  and the fixing bracket in Z for hand winches are used to fix hand winches. And the Poultry Hand Winch Fixing Kit in L is used to attach hand winches to walls. Adjustable for different thicknesses and models, it is suitable for RC-1015S, RC-1015 CD and RC-1015F hand winch models.

Swivel Hook

The swivel hook tie down strap with looping is a tie down strap with swivel hook and with a looping at its end. Made of 100% polyester material, it is used for tying and transporting load. Made of 100% polyester material, the tie down straps have 7% elasticity, the straps have a 2:1 safety factor, and support working temperature between -40 °C and + 100 °C.

Chemically and thermal treatment

The tie down strap is also chemically treated for less water absorption, and receives heat treatment. These products follow safety standards for practical and safe use, with black seams to indicate their capacity.

Practicality and safety

The Robustec Tie Down Straps guarantee practicality and safety of your load, avoiding toppling during transportation. They offer a variety of mounting options and capacity, depending on the application and the specific load supporting needs of each customer.

Multiple capacities

For tying loads to motorcycles, boats, speedboats, among others, it is indicated the straps with capacity of 1,500 Kg and 3,000 kg. For loads on trucks, trains and airplanes, the use of straps with a capacity of 5,000 kg is indicated. And for tying heavier loads, such as agricultural implements and generators, it is recommended to use straps with 10,000 kg capacity.


Suitability to technical requirements. Strict quality standard.


Electric driver 100% polyester straps. Chemically treated straps. Convenience and safety. Multiple capacities Swivel Hook Adjustable fixers Different models. Longer durability. Customized solutions