Ratchet Tie Down

Firmness and safety with straps and tying accessories. Get to know the models.

The Robustec tie down straps and accessories offer greater firmness and safety for lifting, lashing and moving loads. Made of 100% polyester material, the tie down straps have high resistance, bringing mobility, firmness and safety for your loads.

Tie down straps application

Load tie down straps are suitable for lifting, lashing and moving the most diverse types of loads, bringing mobility, firmness and safety, increasing efficiency and reducing operation costs. These products stand out in construction, in the road segment and in industries such as automobile, metallurgy and in the ports.

Complete tie down and accessories line

Robustec has a wide range of load tie down straps, trailers, motorcycle strapping and ratchets with stretchers, which have been developed for load fixing in general and provide safety, quality and reduce transport costs. The load tie down sets, produced with special material, are made up of ratchet, strap and hook.

Indications for use

With simple handling, the tie down straps offer many mounting options and relate perfectly with accessories such as road, nautical and agricultural winches, brackets, winch cables and fixers to attach ropes to steel cables.

Resistance and safety of straps

The tie down straps ensure the integrity of the products or objects during movement and also ensure the safety of the people involved in the operations. These products follow the safety standards and guarantee a practical and safe use.

Resistant materials

Robustec tie down straps are 100% polyester and chemically treated, thus absorbing less water. Following safety standards, some of these products go through a thermal treatment.

Safety standards

The tie down straps are in accordance with the NR 11 Regulatory Norm of the Ministry of Labor, which establishes the safety standards for  transportation, storage and handling of materials, thus avoiding accidents in load operations.

Tie down straps of multiple capacities

Available in multiple capacities, the load tie down straps can be sold in different models, according to the specific needs of each customer.  Each model offers many mounting options, according to what is most appropriate for each application. The capacity and safety factor are specified on the belts' labels. Safety factor:  2:1, elasticity: 7%, working temperature: between -40°C and + 100°C.


NR 11 Regulatory Norm of the Ministry of Labor Compliance with safety standards Strict quality standard.

Tie down straps attributes

100% Polyester High resistance. Multiple mounting options and capacity. Easy handling. Complete accessories line. Chemically treatment. Thermal treatment. Additivities with anti-UV, resistant to sunlight. Less water absorption. Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and + 100°C.