Fixed Lashing Winch

Ratchet Buckle Open


Fixed Lashing Winch

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Fixed Lashing Winch

Truck Hand Winch 1422 Right


Fixed Lashing Winch

Truck Hand Winch 1422 Left


Fixed Lashing Winch

Sliding trailer Winch



Fixed Lashing Winch

Right Fixed Lashing Winch



Fixed Lashing Winch

Right Fixed Lashing Winch


Fixed Lashing Winch

Left Fixed Lashing Winch



Fixed Lashing Winch

Winch Lift 1010 + Spare Kit



The ratchets are produced with welded carbon steel and electroplating and/or epoxy powder paint finish, depending on the model. Available in multiple models and capacities, these ratchets can be used with polyester strap or steel cable for tying, securing, suspending and tensioning loads on truck bodies, boards, railway wagons, and others.

Multiple applications

The complete line of Robustec fixed or mobile ratchets includes the road ratchet with fixing bracket; fixed road ratchet (right or left) for tensioning straps used in tying; fixed ratchet reinforced with screwed support or with fixing bracket; road car-carrying trailer  ratchet (right or left) used for traction and suspension of loads on trucks car-carrying trailers; movable (open or closed) road ratchet for mooring loads.

Easy handling.

The ratchet is driven by a steel crank, providing less fatigue to the operator. Its locking system can be manual-mechanic for the 100mm ratchets and mechanical with spring for the 50mm ratchets, fixed with bolts and nuts in truck bodies.

Automatic locking by friction

The car-carrying trailer road ratchet has a friction locking system that automatically locks the cable when it is loose, both in the traction, suspension or release of loads.

Steel Crank

The steel crank enables the operator to handle heavy loads without too much effort. For example, to suspend a load of 1100 kg on the first cable line with a 265 mm lever, it is necessary to apply a driving force on the crank of approximately 9 kg.

Safety and convenience

The use of proven resistant equipment guarantees the safety in the transport of loads, ensuring the efficiency of the whole process. Practical and of easy handling, these equipment facilitate the day-to-day work and ensure the safety of the products and people involved in the operations.

Complete accessories line

Robustec also has a complete line of load tie-down accessories with everything you need to safely tie your loads, such as clamps, tensioners and fastening terminals.


Strict quality standard. Compliance with safety standards


Produced in welded carbon steel. Electroplating and epoxy paint powder finish. Multiple applications. Easy handling. Automatic locking by friction. Automatic lock. Steel crank driver. Complete accessories line. Steel Crank. Safety and strength.