Ratchet Tie Down Accessories

Plastic Buckle Stretcher Sider



Ratchet Tie Down

Axle Straps without Ring


Ratchet Tie Down

Axle Straps with Ring


Ratchet Tie Down

Handle for Hand Winch Truck 1422



Ratchet Tie Down

Moto Hook



Ratchet Tie Down

Corner Protector


Ratchet Tie Down

Bracket Hand Winch for Truck 1422



Robustec has a complete load tie down accessory line which offers everything that you need to safely tie your loads. Our range of available options goes from simpler to more sophisticated items, such as hand winches, fasteners, tensioners and secure clamping terminals for tying loads.

Multiple capacities and applications

Available in multiple capacities and manufactured with high quality materials, the Robustec tie down accessories meet a wide variety of applications, according to the demands of the market. Practical and easy to use, they make every day work easier and provide greater efficiency and safety in transportation.

Complete accessories line

Robustec´s complete accessories line includes items such as a belly strap with a ring; a belly strap with looping; cable for car carrier trailer hand winch; swivel hook for lashing strap; motorcycle hook; protector for corners, used with tie down straps to protect sharp corners; and stand for stork road ratchet, made in steel and with electronic galvanization finishing.

Mobility and firmness

In order successfully tie down, secure, suspend and tension loads, it is essential to use equipment that can makes the job easier and, above all, reliable. The use of Robustec tie down accessories brings greater mobility and firmness to the loads, avoiding accidents and also ensuring the safety of the people involved in the operations.

Electrolytic zinc finishing

The finishing of Robustec accessories, winches and hand winches is made with electro-galvanized and / or powdered epoxy paint, protecting against harsh and aggressive environments and providing durability to products.

Compliance with safety standards

These accessories and equipment meet the safety and risk factor requirements according to regulations in order to avoid accidents and optimize the results of the whole process.

Complete accessories line

The wide line of accessories Robustec also offers items such as brackets for securing hand winches, winch drive cables, steel cable fixer for attaching ropes to steel cable, fixer kit, electric driver and pulleys of various models and capacities.


Compliance with safety standards Strict quality standard.


Multiple capacities and applications. Practical and easy to operate. Complete accessories line. Electrolytic zinc finishing. Resistant materials Safety, mobility and firmness. Electrolytic zinc and epoxy paint finishing. Complete accessories line. Protection against bad weather. Carbon steel ratchets.