Road Implements

Robustness and safety in road implements. Get to know the models.

New solutions in road implements have been bringing more efficiency and speed to the transportation sector. Build directly on the truck chassis, these compact equipment offers safety and robustness in a variety of applications, optimizing performance and reducing costs.

Different solutions

Robustec road implements come with solutions such as dump bodies (standard earthmoving, construction material dump body, grain dump body, heavy duty dump body, chip dump boby and the innovative three sides dump body), metallic dry load body and  roll-on / roll-off (box/container, Container Handling Equipment).

Agility and practical loading and unloading

With the use of these road implements, it is possible to easily load and unload almost any merchandise that can be placed on the chassis of the truck. These equipment bring solutions capable of optimizing the transport of the most diverse types of loads with agility and practicality, allowing a wide flexibility in the logistics and costs reduction.

Transport of multiple materials

Adaptable to the most diverse situations, the bodies, boxes and dump bodies are used to transport the most diverse types of loads, such as construction materials, equipment, grains, dry loads and an infinite number of other materials. With them, you have more resistance, safety and agility in the transport of different types of materials with different sizes, packable or not.

Roll on – roll off technology

Robustec produces a wide range of roll on – roll off components for road implements. The use of roll on – roll off dump bodies can increase efficiency, safety and economy in your transport operations. The roll on – roll off mechanism enables automatic loading in a matter of minutes and allows the same vehicle to be used for carrying various loads simply by changing the bodywork.

Custom solutions

With its own engineering and development sector, Robustec develops customized solutions for its clients in the road and agricultural sectors, offering adaptable solutions for a wide range of applications. With a distinctive and certified equipment, the road implements always guarantee the best solutions for Robustec's clients.


Compliance to the limits imposed by law. Strict quality standard.


Transport optimization. Easy operation. Logistics flexibility. Multiple application options. Roll on – roll off technology. Strength and durability. Faster load and unload. Cost reduction. Automatic loading. Safety during transportation.  

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