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The Robustec dump bodies bring solutions capable of optimizing the transport of the most diverse types of loads with resistance, safety and agility. Adaptable to the most diverse situations, they are equipped with the system roll on – roll off, capable to make the load come in and out by its own means.

Versatility in load transportation

Dump bodies are used for the transport of the most diverse types of loads. The grain dump bodies transports grain and enables a high volume of cargo without exceeding the limit imposed by the laws. Volumetric capacity of 12m³ a 40m³. Transport of multiple materials The dump body is designed for transporting multiple materials, especially heavy ones, such as building materials, construction tools, cement and various other materials.

Robust and resistant structure

The equipment has chassis built in plates, tubes and structural profiles. The fastening is made with clips and splints. The dump body has reinforced articulation of the load box. Volumetric capacity of 3m³ a 18m³.

Easy to load and unload

The Heavy Duty dump body  has a guillotine-type rear cover for easy unloading. Produced in high strength steel, it has an inner coating with an anticorrosive epoxy bottom and a large lightning load box for easy material flow.

Heavy Duties Capacity

The equipment is designed for heavier and more aggressive applications with a large duty cycle, such as for transportation and dumping of ores, rocks, crushing and other heavy loads. Resistance to impact and abrasion, it has a capacity of 10m³ a 20m³.

Designed for heavy duties

The earthmoving dump body was designed for heavier works. Extremely resistant, it is ideal for transporting and dumping on lands with depressions and plateaus. The equipment has cabin protection as standard item and rounded sides for better drainage of the load. Structured with lower beam, allows better distribution of lateral reinforcements (ribs). Volumetric capacity of 5m³ a 18m³.

Tilt in three directions

The three sides dump body can do what no other can do: swing in three directions! It is indicated for the transport of materials such as sand, gravel, bagged and palletized. Agile and flexible, the implement allows lower articulation of the covers for dry loads, by means of quick couplings. In addition, it has exclusive tilting in three directions, capable of unloading from the side (left and right) and rear (at 45º). The three sides dump body features a very sturdy structure, lower center of gravity, extra wide joints, anti-wear bearings, reinforced load box with chassis and distributed sleepers. The tilting rear cover is independent, with pneumatic actuation in the cabin. With dry loads, it allows lower articulation of the covers with fast couplings. Volumetric capacity of 3,5m³ to 7m³.


Strict quality standard.


Versatility in load transportation. Transport of multiple materials. Load and unload optimization. Robust and resistant structure. Easy to load and unload. Resistant to heavy duties. Designed for heavy duties. Tilt in three directions. Quick couplings. Multiple applications.