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Road Implements

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The roll on – roll off  equipment allow the optimization in the transport of the most diverse types of loads with agility and practicality, providing a wide flexibility in the logistics and cost reduction. Technology and autonomy The  roll on – roll off term refers to bodies, buckets or tanks transported by truck or tractor trailer whose load enters and leaves by itself, using a chassis with wheels moved by the roll on – roll off implement. Flexibility and durability Due to the different forms of control, these attachments offer flexibility in handling and are easy to operate. The roll on - roll off equipment have splints for fixation, parts built in sheet steel of high resistance and handling flexibility, due to the different forms of control. Easy handling. The roll on – roll Max equipment also features splints for fixation, parts constructed of sheet of steel with high resistance and handling flexibility, due to the different forms of control. Load transportation  optimization Adaptable for multiple applications in moving boxes, platforms, tanks, it is an agile equipment of extremely simple operation, allowing an optimization in the transport of loads.

Trailer with three axles

The three axles trailer with a roll on – Roll off system is an extremely practical solution for additional load transportation. It Increases the efficiency of handling and transportation, optimizing both truck and equipment.

Truck usage optimization

Due to its simple and quick system of implement removal and replacement, the  roll on – roll off system makes it possible to use the same truck for different utilities and applications, avoiding vehicles standing too much time waiting for loading.

Logistics efficiency

This process increases efficiency and generates more profit for the transporter, because a stopped bucket, waiting for its loading, has a much lower cost than a stopped working truck. Another advantage is that the loading on the devices (body, bucket, tank or container) can be done with the device on the ground. While the device is loaded, the truck can carry another device.


Strict quality standard.


High technology Convenience and economy. Easy handling. Faster load and unload. Truck usage optimization Logistics efficiency. Strength and robustness. Transport of different types of loads. Cost reduction. Versatility and economy.