Equipment that provides more safety in nautical practices

Diferenciais Cintas de Amarração

There are several precautions and attention necessary when talking about aquatic practices. Below you will learn about the use of some nautical equipment and how they can provide more security for these activities.

Know the necessary care with lashing straps

The lashing straps are used with nautical hand winches for lashing and dragging marine equipment. They guarantee practicality and safety to your cargo, avoiding accidents and tipping during transport.

Indicated to be used with nautical hand winches of different capacities to drag boats, jet-ski, yachts, and other marine equipment, Robustec nautical lashing straps offer several mounting options.

cinta de amarração

Always pay attention to the safety factor of the lashing straps, specified on the product labels.

These products are chemically treated, for less water absorption, and also receive heat treatment, which makes them suitable for resisting the weather of the sea.

Robustec lashing straps are produced in accordance with the reference standards EN 12195-2, which deals with safety requirements for lashing, and ABNT 15883-2, which determines the minimum safety requirements for use and testing of lashing materials.

Strengthen safety with nautical hand winches

Nautical hand winches are used together with lashing straps to drag boats, speedboats, jet-ski, and other marine equipment. Suitable for use at sea, they are developed with high-quality raw materials and withstand the weather.

Available in various models and capacities, Robustec nautical hand winches can be used with ribbon or steel cable, to facilitate the handling and movement of boats. The different models available can suspend loads of 450 kg, 540 kg, 900 kg, and 1100 kg.

The finish of Robustec hand winches uses electrolytic zinc plating and/or epoxy powder paint, which protects against bad weather and aggressive environments, in addition to providing greater durability to products. In addition, all the main parts of the hand winches, such as gears, receive heat treatment and stainless steel for longer service life.

Facilitate the movement of loads with the landing gears

The nautical landing gears, also known as nautical pedestals, facilitate the lifting and movement of loads and are indicated for nautical trailers and used in small loads, such as reels, boats and jet skis, facilitating their movement.

Robustec nautical landing gears are available in different models and dimensions. Easy to operate, they offer two activation modes for greater practicality and comfort in handling.

Resistentes à corrosão, esses equipamentos são desenvolvidos com matérias-primas de alta qualidade e apropriados para suportar as intempéries do mar.

Como vimos, existe uma série de cuidados e medidas preventivas capazes de tornar a prática de esportes náuticos muito mais segura e tranquila. Segundo essas recomendações e usando os equipamentos e acessórios adequados, você poderá aproveitar muito mais o seu momento de lazer.

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