Know the differentials of the bulker dump truck

Caçamba Basculante Graneleira Robustec

Technological research has been carried out over the years to produce bodies that meet the transportation needs of the most diverse materials, considering characteristics such as durability, resistance to climatic changes, weight, and among other factors. New solutions in road implements have been bringing more efficiency and speed to the transport sector, helping in the most diverse applications.

Adaptable to the most diverse situations, bulker dump trucks  are used to transport grain and equipment. Built directly on the truck’s chassis, these compact equipment offers safety and robustness in a variety of applications and optimizes transport performance. With them, you have more strength, safety and durability in transportation, making your work much more agile, practical and efficient.

But when acquiring a body for your truck, do you know which model suits your needs? Discover below the exclusive characteristics of the Bulker Dump Truck and how to find the ideal road implement for your needs.

See the features of the bulker dump truck

With a reinforced structure, the bulker dump truck is suitable for transporting bulk products such as corn, soy, wheat and oats, as well as palletized materials in big bags or even implements and equipment.

The bulker dump truck allows a high volume of cargo without exceeding the limit imposed by the laws. This equipment has a 12m³ to 40m³ volumetric capacity. Because it is tilting, it facilitates unload and also other procedures.

Produced in structural steel, resistant and light, this equipment has the chassis built in plates, tubes and structural profiles, with reinforced articulation of the load box. The lifting system works by means of a central or lower cylinder.

The bulker dump truck features sturdy, lightweight, and easy to handle covers. The double seal on the side covers reduces transport losses. The chassis has a tube shape, lighter and more resistant, avoiding oxidation. The pneumatic drive is made in the interior of the cabin, with end-of-stroke safety valve and upper class cylinder.

Understand why this bucket is ideal for your truck.

Robustec has a manufacturing area of ​​5,000 m2 and a complete production line that develops customized solutions for each client. The company seeks to develop a dump truck with the best structure for its use.

The engineering sector develops bucket designs according to each application. Made to measure for your truck, the Robustec dump truck is produced under a template, guaranteeing quality, standardization and high performance.

With a six-month warranty, the Robustec bulker dump truck is built to the company’s quality standard. From the choice of components, structure, paint, finishes, everything undergoes rigorous inspections to guarantee the strength and durability that you need.

Caçamba Basculante Graneleira Robustec

Robustec has sales outlets and specialized technical assistance in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. The company always looks for solutions in an agile and efficient way, in order to guarantee full after-sales support to its customers.

As you might have noticed the Robustec bulker dump truck offers high performance and durability for transporting grain and other products.

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