Robustec 17 years old. A history full of innovation

17 anos robustec

Robustness and technology to move the most varied businesses.

In 2001 Robustec appeared, a company focused on offering technological and innovative solutions that could facilitate the work of our clients. Initially Robustec worked in the manufacture of winches, hand winches, pulleys and straps for poultry, agricultural, road and nautical lines. The time has passed and we have been evolving and conquering new markets in Brazil and abroad, developing innovative solutions for different segments, which has led us to achieve leadership in the poultry and agricultural markets.

Strength to go beyond

In recent years, Robustec has further expanded its line of business. Currently it also works in the production of road implements, dump bodies, roll-on/roll-off boxes, roll-on/roll-off equipment and in the sports and leisure areas: slackline, tie down and trailer straps for jeeps and boats.

17 anos robustec fabrica

With its own factory in the city of Vila Maria/RS, Robustec operates for 17 years with a manufacturing area of 5 thousand m², where it develops and produces complete and customized solutions for the different segments in which it works. Its engineering and development nucleus is constantly evolving, with an eye on the most advanced processes and technologies in the world, offering here in Brazil products with the quality, functionality and resistance necessary to meet customer’s demands, mostly inserted in a context of high competitiveness in the global market.

Know what makes Robustec different

Own Factory

Robustec has a manufacturing area of 5,000 m2. A complete production line that develops solutions suitable for each type of customer.

Personalized service

Every customer is unique; every project should also be. We seek to understand the needs of each client to offer and develop better products.

Engineering and development

Our engineering sector develops customized projects, guaranteeing quality, standardization and high performance.

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