Robustec Implementos Rodoviários in Expopato


Agricultural fairs are a great opportunity for machinery and equipment manufacturers to have direct contact with the rural producer and present their solutions and news.

With this in mind, Robustec will participate, in November, in the Pato Branco – Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Exhibition – Expopato, taking implements such as the bulk tipper bucket and roll on – roll off equipment.

The event brings together exhibitors from industry, commerce, and the agricultural sector and is recognized for adding quality, diversity, and innovation. Whoever wants to get to know these and other Robustec products up close, just go to the fair and go to booth No. 5, outside.

Come to Expopato and get to know the characteristics of the Robustec implements.

Bulk Carrier Tilting Dump-cart

The Robustec bulk carrier tilting dump-cart was developed to transport a large volume of grains, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats, in addition to machinery and equipment. Because it is tilting, this equipment facilitates the unloading operation and other procedures.

Security and robustness.


Robustec roll on – roll off technology

The roll on – roll off system, used to move roll-on boxes, buckets, and fixed boards are installed under the truck chassis and makes the load enter and exit by its own means, greatly facilitating the operation. Optimize the transport of the most diverse types of cargo with agility and practicality.

Increase flexibility in logistics and reduce costs.

Cacamba Roll On Roll Off - Robustec

Learn more about Expopato

Expopato is the largest agricultural, commercial, and industrial fair in the region of Pato Branco (PR). Get to know the news of the agricultural market!

Follow innovations in machines and implements.

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