Roll On Roll Off Agro Robustec na Fenarroz


Robustec takes to the 20th National Rice Fair, its new Roll On Roll Off Trailer, Roblift Agro, a trailer coupled to an agricultural tractor with multiple features for the field.

Held in Cachoeira do Sul (RS), from June 19th to 24th, Fenarroz is recognized by producers and industries all over the world as a reference for the Agricultural market.

Amongst major companies in the sector, Robustec arrives at the fair bringing a novelty to the field: Roblift Agro. A Roll On Roll Off trailer, capable of transporting, loading and unloading products with autonomy and agility, even in places of difficult access, where the truck cannot reach. Very efficient equipment in the production of crops like rice.

Come and see this novelty in the Robustec space. We are in the External Area of the land I4 fair, next to Vasconcelos Agrícola), Cachoeira do Sul (RS).

Learn more about the Roll On Roll Off Agro Trailer

Indicated for coupling to a tractor, the Roblift Agro trailer has as its main advantage the ability to operate in places of difficult access, such as in lands where soil compaction and flooded areas cannot occur.

The trailer also has a good application in transport during the treatment of plants, as it can attach a tank of water or poison. With all these features, Roblift optimizes the tractor’s use potential to the maximum and increases the productivity of your business.

Understand how the trailer is used in rice production

In the rice culture, the Roll On Roll Off Agro Trailer acts in all stages of the process, soil management, planting, and harvesting, mainly in the removal of grains from the flooded area until the truck reaches. The mechanism prevents the passage of rice through the screw that causes the grain to break, preserving its integrity. As it is a flooded area, which does not allow the truck to enter the combine, the use of a tractor-trailer is very useful.

The Roblift Agro trailer thus replaces tractors with bulk carriers that previously performed this operation, bringing savings in the number of tractors used, in the number of bulk carriers and operators, and in the cost of diesel.

Learn more about Fenarroz

The National Rice Fair, which takes place from June 19 to 24, is one of the main events in the sector. An important agricultural business fair, which brings the latest advances in the process and new technologies aimed at planting, harvesting, and processing rice.

Come see the news and gain even more efficiency in the field. Visit us at the 20th National Rice Fair – Fenarroz. Robustec is in the External Area of ​​the fair Ground I4, next to Vasconcelos Agrícola.

See other advantages of Roblift Agro

Mechanization and new technological solutions increasingly help work in the field, bringing great advances to our productive capacities. A good example of these advances is the use of roll on roll off trailers for agricultural tractors, capable of loading and unloading products with autonomy and agility, even in places of difficult access. .. continue reading


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